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Diefenbach - Set & Drift

Diefenbach, Set & Drift

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DANISH post-rockers Diefenbach follow-up the release of their excellent single, Glorious, with an equally catchy third album, Set & Drift.

The band has come a long way since its early days, having perfected their ability to deliver feel-good anthems with a style of songwriting that pays respectful homage to classic rockers such as Tom Petty and Neil Young, as well as modern acts such as Doves and Elbow.

Their lush style is fully evident in former single, Glorious, a dreamy effort that pays homage to the late Sixties and features some strangely offbeat lyrics such as ‘and as you smash my teeth in, you define we were glorious’.

The crashing guitars offset the softer vocal style perfectly making it one of the freshest tracks of late summer.

Their diversity is fully reflected in the very next track, Police, which fuses a mandolin with a gentle hand clap and calms things down considerably. It’s a completely beguiling track that grows on you the more you listen to it.

Two tracks further forward and there’s another change of pace, with acid synth effects taking over on the upbeat Favourite Friend – a track that recalls some of New Order’s better work.

While the tender It’s Only Love integrates some reflective chords of piano into the soft beat as it recounts its bittersweet tale of young love.

There’s a spaced-out sound to Bruising My Eyes that recalls the endearing sound of Super Furry Animals, while Rocket flirts with an ambient sound early on that recalls some of Diefenbach’s own earlier, instrumental work, before unleashing some energetic guitars and crashing drums that hint at the musical layering of Elbow (especially on their latest album, Leaders of the Free World).

Further highlights include the album closers Skyline, with its edgy percussion and uplifting style, and Circular Motions, an inspired slow-builder that embraces the band’s ability to consistently produce songs that resonate with both optimism and pessimism.

Diefenbach may not be the household name they deserve to be but that shouldn’t put you off.

Seeking out Set & Drift will reward the listener with one of the very best albums of the year.

Track listing:
1. Mechanical
2. Glorious
3. Police
4. Streetlights
5. Favourite Friend
6. It’s Only Love
7. Bruising My Eyes
8. Rocket
9. Right One
10. On The Move
11. Skyline
12. Circular Motions