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Dingus Khan - Support Mistley Swans (Review)

Dingus Khan, Support Mistley Swans

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

SIXTEEN-legged rock’n‘roll rabble rousers Dingus Khan actually released their new album Support Mistley Swans last year through the legendary Fierce Panda. But they’re back in 2013 with an extended digital edition that features some extra content.

How much you consider that to be a good thing depends on how much you like rabble rousing rock. But for a band boasting some eight members, I guess you shouldn’t really expect anything other than a big sound.

Support Mistley Swans delivers that emphatically. But while there are moments to enjoy, there are others that feel as though all 16 members are doing their own thing and hoping the result makes some sort of coherent sense.

Hence, album opener My Body conforms to the latter, while Mad As Hell (an apt name) actually makes a better fist of things, emerging as a livewire romp that contains an infectious energy.

The remainder of the LP is similarly all over the place with the madcap energy running amok on How Do You Like Me Now? (in this song’s case, not that much), yet showing a little more restraint and winning you over on Bag For Life, which arguably drops the finest guitar riff on the LP (a real retro blast).

They even strip one track right back, relying more on an acoustic sound and some appealing background whistling, on Made A List, which is disarmingly simple.

But you can tell they’re at their happiest when thrashing about and dropping incendiary riffs, shouty vocals and pounding drums… with Plank restoring the LP to its maniacal energy and threatening to make it a turn-off again.

Overall, though, there’s a little too much insanity at play and Dingus Khan eventually wear you down – but not in a good way.

Downloack picks: Mad As Hell, Bag For Life, Made A List

Track listing:

  1. My Body
  2. Mad As Hell
  3. How Do You Like Me Now?
  4. Bag For Life
  5. Knifey Spoony
  6. No Words
  7. Made A List
  8. Plank
  9. Bird In The House
  10. Ambulance
  11. Keep Off The Grass (bonus track)