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Dinosaur Pile-Up - Nature Nurture (Review)

Dinosaur Pile-Up, Nature Nurture

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE sophomore album from Dinosaur Pile-Up followed a period of adversity for the band – but it doesn’t show. This is a ballsy rocker that quite often exhilarates.

Creator Matt Bigland says that making the album “felt very on the edge” but added: “But that had the effect of making the songs come out real and alive. It’s a real guitar record, and I couldn’t be more proud of it.” He deserves to be.

Nature Nurture is awash with cracking guitar riffs and memorable choruses that elevate the LP to anthemic on several occasions. What’s more, it feels celebratory in a way that all summer-released albums should.

Hell, the band even get to sing “now summer’s here” somewhat giddily on one of the highlights, Summer Gurl, which trades Nirvana-style riffs with an Ash-leaning chorus.

Throughout, though, the album is alive with energy and songs to leave you with a good feeling, and quite possibly singing along in tandem with them.

Another favourite, White T-Shirt and Jeans, combines crunching guitar riffs with a brilliant chorus, not to mention a guitar solo that seems to be referencing The Pixies. It’s a thriller.

Album opener Arizona Waiting kick-starts proceedings in robust fashion but succeeds in getting the juices flowing (dropping another towering chorus into the bargain), Derail combines toe-tapping drum-work with cute hooks and a blend of the heavy and the melodic that has served acts like Biffy Clyro so well.

There’s a detour into more garage-rock territory with the fizzing i>Draw A Line, another stadium-sized anthem in waiting on Start Again (complete with one of the most insistent guitar hooks on the LP), and an epic finale on title track Nature Nurture.

Trust us, you’ll have a blast throughout.

Download pick: Arizona Waiting, Derail, Summer Gurl, White T-Shirt And Jeans, Start Again

Track listing:

  1. Arizona Waiting
  2. Derail
  3. Peninsula
  4. Heather
  5. Summer Gurl
  6. White T-Shirt And Jeans
  7. The Way We Came
  8. Draw A Line
  9. Start Again
  10. Lip Hook Kiss
  11. Nature Nurture