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Duran Duran unite with Justin Timberlake

Duran Duran

Story by Jack Foley

DURAN Duran have collaborated with Justin Timberlake on their new album, according to keyboardist Nick Rhodes.

Speaking to US music giant Billboard, Rhodes said that the as-yet untitled follow up to 2004’s Astronaut will include a track with Timberlake called Night Runner.

It’s one of three tracks the band have worked on with producer Timbaland – the other two being Skin Divers and Zooming In.

Commenting on Timberlake’s involvement, Rhodes said that all of Duran Duran’s members “admired his work”, particularly his first solo album, and described him as “a real talent”.

“It was quite natural for him and Simon (LeBon) to be working together on vocal arrangement and melodic structure,” he added.

The remainder of the album will feature the tracks 48 Hours Later and Transcendental Mental and is reportedly very diverse in nature.

Part of this was attributed to the departure of guitarist Andy Taylor, who left in October, prompting the change in sound.

But Rhodes wished him well for the future and did not rule out the possibility of reuniting with him once again somewhere down the road.