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Eddie Palmieri's La Perfecta Orchestra - Sugar Daddy

Eddie Palmieri, Sugar Daddy

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FROM the vaults of the Fania Collection comes a remastered collection of Eddie Palmieri’s hip dancefloor music with La Perfecta.

Palmieri is, of course, a pianist and band leader best known for combining jazz piano and instrumental solos with Latin rhythms.

Between 1962 and 1967 he would play for a predominantly black audience with La Perfecta at a series of Sunday gigs at New York’s Palladium, when cries of “Eddie! Play some sugar for us!” were heard to reverberate around the venue.

The Afro-American crowd liked it raw and sweet – like freshly cut sugar cane – and whenever they wanted a hot, sticky, uptempo number they’d holler for some “sugar”.

Palmieri’s powerhouse conjunto delivered every time and Eddie even entitled his 1965 album Azucar Pa Ti (Sugar For You) in homage to his black fans at the Palladium.

Palmieri’s dynamic ensemble kicked “culo” non-stop from their birth in 1961 to 1967, a period when Eddie was undoubtedly the man.

During their seven years together, Palmieri and La Perfecta developed into arguably the most innovative and most exciting Latin act of the time.

They became dubbed “the band with the crazy roaring elephants” due to their killer, double trombone frontline attack and the way they deftly mixed Latin and jazz. They scored major hits with both athletic dancers and armchair punters alike.

This Sugar Daddy compilation is a tribute to that extraordinary period that effortlessly captures the vibrance and sweaty “sugar” sweetness of the era.

It’s the very first time the hottest tracks from La Perfecta’s ouevre have featured on one CD from the original master tapes and is an absolute must-own for anyone who likes Palmieri or enjoys the sound of Latin music.

What’s more, coming so soon after Fania’s re-mastering of Ray Barretto’s classic, it’s an ideal companion piece.

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Track listing:

  1. Ritmo Caliente
  2. Mi Mambo Conga
  3. Bailare Tu Son
  4. Azucar
  5. Tirandote Flores
  6. Que Suene La Orchestra
  7. Tema Del Apollo
  8. No Critiques
  9. Melao Para El Sapo
  10. Cafe
  11. Te Quiero, Te Quiero
  12. Muneca
  13. Conmigo
  14. Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso
  15. Estamos Chao
  16. Bomboncito De Pozo
  17. Manha De Carnival
  18. En Cadenas
  19. Campesinos