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Editors - The Back Room

Editors, The Back Room

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

EDITORS have been pretty much bang on target with their music ever since the release of their debut single, Bullets, towards the close of 2004.

Such is the growing reputation of this Birmingham(-ish) based band that Bullets is now reaching £30 on Ebay (for vinyl).

But just a quick blast of the killer guitar riffs and the wistful opening lyrics of that track (‘if something has to change, then it always does’ leading to ‘you don’t need this disease’) should tell you all you need to know about the band.

They deliver their music with genuine passion and urgency, delivering killer hook after killer hook and easily rivalling the best of the nu-wave indie rock bands from both the UK and America.

Bullets contains hints of Modest Mouse, StellaStarr*, Interpol and The Bravery yet still manages to sound fresh, exciting and hip.

Munich, its follow-up, propelled the band to deserved top 20 status, arriving amid another tidal wave of cascading guitar riffs and power vocals from Tom Smith.

When he sings ‘I’m so glad I’ve found this’, you’ll want to bellow out the same sentiment.

Blood, the current single, is another power-anthem that pumps out plenty of indie dancefloor beats, space-aged synths and a catchy chorus that’s sure to become embraced by the band’s mounting army of support.

Yet refreshingly, the band can reign in the urgency and at several points deliver some genuinely atmospheric slow-builders that hint at a fully rounded sound, while exploring the universal themes of love, loss and redemption.

Fall is an epic slow-builder that smacks with a melancholic beauty, while final track, Distance, contains a stark beauty that is both uplifting and other-worldly, courtesy of its distinct drum loops.

Throughout the album, however, Smith’s vocals resonate with an intensity that hits home hard, while Chris Urbanowicz’s guitar-work is exemplary, delivering riff after riff that inspire and excite.

It’s notable that opening track, Lights, should contain the lyric ‘if fortune favours the brave, I’ve got a million things to say’ – for The Back Room gets its messages across in the most emphatic way possible.

It is a cracking debut album that should guarantee some pretty big headlines for the Editors boys.

Track listing:
1. Lights
2. Munich
3. Blood
4. Fall
5. All Sparks
6. Camera
7. Fingers In The Factories
8. Bullets
9. Someone Says
10. Open Your Arms
11. Distance