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Elizabeth Cook - Welder

Elizabeth Cook, Welder

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FLORIDA-born country singer Elizabeth Cook has delivered a deeply personal, yet amazingly ecelctic, fifth studio album in Welder… a must for anyone who digs the country scene.

Featuring guest appearances from Dwight Yoakam, Rodney Crowell and Buddy Miller, Cook sings about a wide range of issues, from her mama’s funeral, to other tales of the harshness and delicacies of romantic and familial love.

Yet, while there’s a sombreness and sense of melancholy on some occasions, there’s a sense of fun, too, with the odd indulgence in the rush of being inappropriate… such as El Camino, Snake In The Bed and Yes To Booty.

Elizabeth herself says of the album: “As wild a ride as it is, this is the hand the last three years since release of the Balls album has dealt me. Welder is my way of bringing it all together. And it’s just the truth.”

Highlights, of which there are many, include the Dwight Yoakam number, I’ll Never Know, the bad girl ode to a bad guy album opener All The Time, which features Buddy Miller and some great banjo and violin movements (not to mention a foot-stomping beat), and the country-rockout that is El Camino, which finds Cook in sultry, playful tone vocally.

The harmonica-soaked Not California, meanwhile, offers a lazy, laidback love song that’s dripping in emotion and a delicious central vocal… that comes in stark contrast to the stripped back and raw honesty of Heroin Addict Sister (a song that truly showcases the passion and sincerity of Cook’s songwriting).

This extends to the seriously sexy and R-rated Girlfriend Tonight, the Oasis-inspired rock of Rock N Roll Man (one to really appeal to the English listeners!) and the intimacy of a heartbreaker like Mama’s Funeral.

In short, Cook has crafted something of a country masterpiece… a searing, memorable and diverse collection of songs that even boast a much broader listening appeal and emotional sweep.

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Download picks: All The Time, El Camino, Not California, Heroin Addict Sister, Girlfriend Tonight, Rock N Roll Man, I’ll Never Know, Mama’s Funeral

Track listing:

  1. All The Time
  2. El Camino
  3. Not California
  4. Heroin Addict Sister
  5. Yes To Booty
  6. Blackland Farmer
  7. Girlfriend Tonight
  8. Rock ‘n’ Roll Man
  9. Mama’s Funeral
  10. I’m Beginnning To Forget
  11. Snake In The Bed
  12. Follow You Like Smoke
  13. I’ll Never Know
  14. ‘Till Then