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Embrace 'split' not as clear cut as it seemed


Story by Jack Foley

CONFUSION now surrounds reports that Embrace are planning to split after the release of their next album.

Lead singer Danny McNamara initially revealed the intention during an interview with BBC 6 Music, during which he declared: “I think our next album will be our last ever album.”

He added: “If we get as far as making it and finishing it, I want it to be a masterpiece and I want to take as long as it takes.”

But since then, he has appeared on Radio 1 and declared that this was not the intention.

When speaking to 6 Music on Thursday, McNamara maintained the reason for the split was because he wanted to settle into a more notmal way of life, having worked solidly within the industry since the age of 17.

He denied the decision was prompted by any unrest within the band and maintained they were all still friends.

“They’re the reason I have stayed in the business for so long. They’re just beautiful people,” he continued.

But McNamara said he had come to lament the fact that a punishing recording and touring schedule has meant that he has “done nothing except look at the bigger picture” and hadn’t “stopped to smell the flowers along the way”.

He even dismissed any suggestion that he intended to pursue a solo career by insisting that he wouldn’t want to make music without the rest of Embrace.

But speaking to Chris Moyles on Friday, he seemed to take a U-turn, by insisting: “We’re going to make our next album as if it’s our last, but we always do that anyway, because that’s how we go into these things, you’ve got to be wholehearted, you know.”

When pressed about his comments to 6 Music and whether there was any truth to the split comments, he added: “That’s definitely not the intention.

“This tour that we’re on might be the last for a while as there’s some stuff that I want to do. But our next album’s got to be amazing and it needs a lot from me to do that.”

The band is currently touring to support current album, This New Day.