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Engerica - There Are No Happy Endings

Engerica, There Are No Happy Endings

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

ESSEX rockers Engerica take no prisoners when it comes to making rock music. Indeed, there are times when their punishing style hurts – and not in a good way!

Rock Sound credits them with being ‘dangerous and unpredictable, like all the best punk rock bands’, while the Kerrang! fanbase is sure to be excited.

Sadly, the album There Are No Happy Endings did very little for me, with only a couple of exceptions.

Misery Guts succeeds largely because it reigns in the Goth-style roaring, thereby allowing some of the guitar riffs to shine and David Gardner’s vocals to make something of an impression.

While former single, The Smell is something of a guilty pleasure, no matter how juvenile lyrics such as ‘liar, cheater, bogey eater’ are.

For the most part, however, There Are No Happy seems to exist to be crude, loud and hopelessly excessive.

Themes of death, sex, warped religion are rife throughout, while track names such as Roadkill, Arsehole and Crooked Sex tell you everything you need to know about what to expect.

It’s latter-day Sum 41-inspired punk rock and not very good at that, spouting vitriol-laced lyrics such as ‘kick ‘em in the face, kick ‘em in the head, everyone deserves to die’ (Trick Or Treat) at every opportunity.

Engerica are David Gardner (guitar/vocals), Michael Stuart Webster (bass) and Neil Ross Gregory (drums). Expect to catch them at festivals such as Download, where they’re sure to garner their biggest following.

Track listing:

  1. Reasons To Be Fearful
  2. The Smell
  3. It Was A Goddam Suicide
  4. Funeral Song
  5. Roadkill
  6. My Demise
  7. Misery Guts
  8. Trick Or Treat
  9. Arsehole
  10. Crooked Sex
  11. Did You Hear What Sylvia Said?