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Enrique Iglesias - Greatest Hits

Enrique Iglesias, Greatest Hits

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

ENRIQUE Iglesias may well be destined to be remembered for his smash hit Hero – but as this Greatest Hits collection shows, there’s plenty more to him than that (and what a relief!).

Hero is one of those over-played, over-used anthems that captured the public’s imagination at the time of its release in the same way that Bryan Adams’ Everything I Do managed to. Yet, it’s arguably one of the more arduous songs in the Iglesias’ back catalogue.

And evidence of his world-wide popularity is certainly evident in the diversity of the 18 tracks assembled here. Sure, there are some cheesy offerings, and others than haven’t aged well. But in terms of guilty pleasures, they don’t come much more guilt-stricken than the hopelessly catchy Do You Know? (aka The Ping Pong Song),

While the effortless blend of Spanish guitar, Latin passion and sexy delivery is defined by songs such as Bailamos and Be With You.

There are even some quality collaborations, such as his duets with Kelis (Not In Love) and, somewhat surprisingly, Sean Garrett (Away) that constitute successes – although his collaboration with Whitney Houston, called Could I Have This Kiss Forever, is really one to forget (it’s painful).

Enrique certainly has his detractors, but his music has an undeniable vibrancy that often gives rise to a keen sense of fun and Latin passion. Hence, the prospect of listening to this Greatest Hits package was much less frightening that originally envisaged, and really not bad at all.

For anyone that doesn’t know the full Enrique story, the Madrid-born, Miami-raised singer has sold 40 million albums in little over a decade, becoming one of the most successful artists in the history of popular music. Born in 1975, Enrique led the life of a typical teen while growing up in Miami.

He started writing and recording songs without telling his parents about it. In fact, he shopped his first demo posing as a Central American unknown named Enrique Martínez. Only after landing a record contract with regional Mexican label Fonovisa, did Enrique decide to use his real name.

Recorded in Spanish, his self-titled debut sold more than a million copies in the first three months after it was released (to this day, it has sold over seven million). His second effort, 1997’s Vivir, broke into the US Top 40 and was promoted with the first of many lavishly produced world tours. Within three years, Enrique became the biggest-selling Spanish-language singer in the world. And, if anything, that success only looks set to continue.

Download picks: Bailamos, Away, Do You Know?, Not In Love, Somebody’s Me, Tired Of Being Sorry

Track listing:

  1. Bailamos
  2. Away – Enrique Iglesias, Sean Garrett
  3. Hero
  4. Be With You
  5. Takin’ Back My Love – Enrique Iglesias, Ciara
  6. Rhythm Divine
  7. Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song)
  8. Tired Of Being Sorry
  9. Escape
  10. Could I Have This Kiss Forever – Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston
  11. Not In Love – Enrique Iglesias, Kelis
  12. Don’t Turn Off The Lights
  13. Love To See You Cry
  14. Maybe
  15. Addicted
  16. Somebody’s Me
  17. Can You Hear Me
  18. Hero (Christopher Lawrence Remix)