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EofE - EofE (Review)

EofE, EofE

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

BLACK Country five-piece EofE may be hotly tipped as one of the most hotly tipped newcomers on the rock circuit but their self-titled debut LP is a fairly average affair.

True, the album competently mixes hard hitting stadium rock with pop melodies but it’s delivered in a way that feels somewhat tried and tested. It bears all too easy comparisons with other rock acts such as You Me At Six, Young Guns and Mallory Knox.

That’s not to discount some tracks. On songs like Ruins, they really get the balance of power riff-making and radio friendly melodicism right, creating songs that can boast crossover appeal. While another favourite, Save The Night, recalls a certain ’80s vibe that is somehow endearing in spite of its cheesy lyrical sentiments.

But such moments only really leave you pining for a little more diversity and playfulness. At other times, EofE seems a little too content to deliver ‘safe’ rock tracks that tick all the right boxes for fans of the Download circuit, but which prevent the band from enjoying even greater appeal.

Hence, album opener Get Caught is all about power riffs and gargantuan stadium-sized choruses but it sounds very generic for this kind of thing, as does follow-up Wake Up (which will, nevertheless, do as it says), and Bridges, which even hints at Thin Lizzy-style classic rock in some of its early riffs.

There’s a hint of a ballad in the opening moments of both Waiting for Olivia and Lifeboat but even then, EofE can’t resist changing pace and cranking up the volume, so as to drown out any potential for a slower burning crowd-pleaser.

So, if you like things loud, relentless and familiar, EofE may just be the new rock band of choice for you. If you’re looking for something more/different, then this delivers only fleetingly.

Download picks: Save The Night, Ruins

Track listing:

  1. Get Caught
  2. Wake Up
  3. Bridges
  4. Save The Night
  5. Waiting For Olivia
  6. Lifeboat
  7. Close To Me
  8. Stars in Hollywood
  9. Only Get Better
  10. Y.O.U
  11. Ruins