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Eva Katzler - New singer causing a stir

Eva Katzler

Feature by Jack Foley

SINGER songwriter Eva Katzler is causing quite a stir. Sir Paul McCartney recently described her songs as “extremely beautiful and deeply contemplative”, while Elvis Costello referred to her music as, quite simply, “gorgeous”.

She can also count Julian Lloyd Webber and Jamie Cullum as fans!

And Londoners can get a chance to find out for themselves when she plays the Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean Street on Wednesday, September 5 and Thursday, September 6.

So who is Eva Katzler? Born and bred in London, Eva combines intelligent songs with stunning melodies, exquisite vocals and a depth that’s as intriguing as it is emotive.

Eva comes alive on stage as she captures her audience and lifts them into her world with enviable ease. She’s vocally mesmerising.

In fact, it was in London’s vibrant songwriting clubs that Eva honed her craft and developed her unique style and sound.

Simple things inspire Eva’s songs and we can all relate to the life and love that she sings about.

Topping Norah Jones in the charts with her EP Poem ensured that Eva’s loyal fan base has grown worldwide.

After receiving critical acclaim for her performances with Terry Hall on his album Hour of Two Lights, she went on to support Jamie Cullum on his UK tour.

She then left the hustle and bustle of London and headed to the tranquility of the Swedish countryside to record her debut album.

Working alongside some of the UK’s finest musicians she has created a breathtaking album brimming with intention, beauty and diversity.

So don’t miss out on the chance to see her in London!