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Evaline – Woven Material

Evaline, Woven Material

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

ON THE evidence of the barnstorming start to Evaline’s debut album, Woven Material, you’d have every right to expect a classic of epic proportions.

Alas, the Californian alt-rockers can’t quite pull of that achievement but they do lay down a marker for a very bright future… and a pretty great debut.

Recorded in London, yet capable of appeal on both sides of the Atlantic, this is a ball-busting collection of epic rock songs that generate worthwhile comparisons with everyone from U2, Muse and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Bon Jovi and co.

Album opener Beneath The Fire kicks things off in exemplary fashion, running to a mighty seven minutes and dropping imposing vocals to match the incendiary guitars, giant drum beats and electronic pulse underpinning it all.

Yet, there’s a sense of grandeur about the way it occasionally drops the tempo and strips things back to almost mellow at a couple of points… suggesting they have their eye on the big crowds and aren’t merely content to thrash about the place.

The similarly anthemic lead single There There then follows… with its chugging guitar riffs and chant-worthy chorus. It has a grunge-rock vibe reminiscent to the BRMC early on, before unfolding into the kind of crowd-pleaser that both U2 and Bon Jovi could be proud of.

Thereafter, the quality level dips slightly without necessarily lowering the overall good impression that the album leaves.

Ascend, for instance, has a warped sound and epic sense of bombast that reminded me of Muse, especially vocally, while Picking It Up even veered towards a classic Simple Minds sound.

The keen sense of melody they inject into their sound is evident on Equally, which drops the tempo slightly for an emotional wallop akin to U2, while they pick up the pace again with the almost industrial sounding Feeding On The Congregations. The guitar work on this one is particularly striking.

Hours maintains the band’s penchant for building songs around striking, sometimes sky-scraping riffs, replete with foreboding vocals, while Who Are You drops the inevitable ballad, swapping the guitars for a piano backing that’s every bit as effective without being too sentimental or cheesy.

And there’s an epic sense of slow-build surrounding the likes of Overwhelming Shapes and All In My Mind, which draw the album to a suitably satisfying and grandiose close.

In short, Evaline’s Woven Material is the sound of a band who already seem confident in their ability to eventually fill out stadiums. It shouldn’t be long before they do.

Download picks: Beneath The Fire, There There, Hours, Who Are You

Track listing:

  1. Beneath The Fire
  2. There There
  3. Ascend
  4. Picking It Up
  5. Equally
  6. Feeding On The Congregations
  7. Hours
  8. Who Are You
  9. Rapture
  10. Overwhelming Shapes
  11. No Time To Breathe
  12. All In My Mind