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Every Move A Picture - Heart = Weapon

Every Move A Picture, Heart = Weapon

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

SAN Francisco four-piece Every Move A Picture are fast becoming renowned for their 100mph live show, which provides a breathless showcase for their frenzied pop hooks.

Their debut album, Heart = Weapon has been produced by Eli Janney (former member of Girls Against Boys and engineer for post-punk pioneers Brainiac), so you can pretty much guess what to expect from the sound.

Yep, more nu-wave pop-punk that fuses edgy, angular guitar riffs with rapid beats and 80s-influenced stabs of electronica. Some of it is quite contagious but too much falls prone to easy comparison with countless nu-wave bands of the moment from The Bravery and Franz Ferdinand through to The Rapture.

Tracks worth keeping an eye out for include recent single, Signs of Life, which contains plenty of energy and a chorus that eventually wins you over after several listens.

While the sharp guitar riffs on Outlaw provide the perfect filling for anyone still hungry for 80s-influenced workouts that contain plenty of cheesy energy.

The epic style of Simple Lessons In Love And Secession also emerge triumphantly as a contemporary version of The Cult mixed with early INXS.

But listen to the album for too long and you do find yourself ticking off the references (both old and new). For as musically accomplished and occasionally fun as Every Move A Picture undoubtedly are, they have probably arrived at the wrong end of the nu-wave scene.

Too many other bands have broken through on the back of the current pop-punk, post-80s revival and newcomers are beginning to sound a little stale.

There’s nothing terrible about Heart = Weapon – but nothing overly special either. It’s just a case of bad timing for the band in terms of their arrival.

Track listing:

  1. Mission Bell
  2. Signs Of Life
  3. Best Is On The Outside
  4. Chemical Burns
  5. Outlaw
  6. Dust
  7. Simple Lessons In Love And Secession
  8. On The Edge Of Something Beautiful
  9. Dixie
  10. St John’s Night