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Feeder - Silent Cry

Feeder, Silent Cry

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FEEDER have never really enjoyed the same kind of acclaim or career highs of bands like Snow Patrol, Muse or Coldplay. But they have maintained a consistent quality and boast a fiercely devoted fanbase whose patience is frequently rewarded by albums of extremely high quality.

Silent Cry, their sixth and first since 2005’s Pushing The Senses, is another mighty effort. More backward looking than genre-defining, it’s high on powerful guitar riffs and towering anthems, and a little light on the meaningful balladry of the Senses era.

Opening track and lead single We Are The People lays down the formula – a crashing guitar riff accompanying a haunted “woo hoo” rallying call, before Grant Nicholas ponders “what do you say? What do you think about miracles? Miracles are something you dream about… we’re looking for a new way out”.

It hints at the disaffection felt by people living in a world plagued by fears of global terrorism and global warming, yet retains a sense of hope in lines like “we’re waiting for something new, waiting for someone like you”.

Itsumo, meanwhile, opens with some shimmering guitar licks and unfolds into a tale of failed love that’s just as rousing in its own way, while Miss You adds some Foo Fighters-inspired grit to the brash guitars, whilst harking back to Feeder’s own effervescent Buck Rogers era.

Tracing Lines then lands us with a firm album highlight – a breezy, summery piece of guitar-pop that positively sparkles with energy and cute guitar licks. It’s effortlessly catchy and genuinely feelgood.

Thereafter, the album continues to churn out an enthusiastic mix of power and passion. Title track Silent Cry successfully mixes strings and guitars with lines like “oh my God what have I done?” and a stonking chorus; Fires provides a sparky guitar-powered tale of hope (“she wants the world to notice her/she feels a sense of peace…”); and Heads Held High a thought-provoking slice of psychedelia laced acoustica complete with nice vocal layering (a cigarette lighter moment?).

There’s a keen sense of Feeder’s own gleeful past in 8:18, another fun blast of retro-laced energy, while there’s even wry social and global commentary in the questioning Who’s The Enemy.

The pounding rock returns on the stadium filling Into The Blue, while Guided By A Voice balances cute guitar melody with “aah aah”-style vocal harmonising to generally please.

Finally, Sonorous even dares to come over all Muse-like and quasi-operatic with a raw, thrilling mix of power and intimacy that should leave listeners suitably charged.

So, while Feeder may continue to have their sceptics and detractors, it maybe lessens the pressure surrounding each new release; giving them the freedom and scope to really light up each new studio session with cracking songs such as these. It’s a welcome return from one of the UK’s most enduring and under-appreciated acts.

Download picks: We Are The People, Tracing Lines, Silent Cry, Heads Held High, Into The Blue, Sonorous

Track listing:

  1. We Are The People
  2. Itsumo
  3. Miss You
  4. Tracing Lines
  5. Silent Cry
  6. Fires
  7. Heads Held High
  8. 8.18
  9. Who’s The Enemy
  10. Space
  11. Into The Blue
  12. Guided By A Voice
  13. Sonorous
  14. Yeah Yeah [bonus track]
  15. Every Minute [bonus track]

  1. Right on brothers, Feeder rule. Nicely put!

    Jake    Jun 15    #
  2. Agreed. Pwnage!

    Scott    Jun 16    #