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Filligar - Hexagon (Review)

Filligar, Hexagon

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

HAILED as “one of the best young bands in America”, Illinois indie-rock quartet Filligar now look set to make a sizeable splash in the UK with new album Hexagon.

A strong collection of Americana influenced rock songs that look set to garner favourable comparisons with the likes of Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and ??, this also has a distinct sense of identity that led the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers (ASCAP) to hail them as being “of prestige value”.

The template is laid from the outset with anthemic former single New Local showcasing the band’s relish for delivering big tunes that are capable of filling the largest stadiums.

It’s followed by the equally robust Knock Yourself Out, which is alive with its striking combination of guitars and pianos. It’s a good time record that benefits further from the gruff vocal style that is sure to generate the biggest comparison to Kings of Leon.

Evidence of their diversity, however, is then apparent in Southern-soaked foot-stomper Lock & Key, which has a smokin’ blues-gospel vibe (akin to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, especially when the meaty guitar riffs lay down some steel), and on the out-and-out highlight Money On The Dark Horse, which drops some of the best guitar riffs on the LP and even hints at a Rolling Stones/Gimme Shelter kind of vibe with added blues.

The Thrill has another good time feel to it (a blues-rock foot-stomper of immense fun) and Digging For Water benefits from its generous doses of harmonica to further embellish the album’s overall sound.

Further highlights come in the form of Atlas, which has one of the more radio-friendly, sing-along choruses, and Culture Bleach, which contains a playful nod to Pink Floyd in its guitar riffs.

There’s even room for the odd moment of tranquil calm on the atmospheric soother Pacific Time, before Trepador rounds off the LP with a pleasing slow-builder that builds towards a suitably anthemic finale.

Filligar appear to have the world at their feet right now. Hexagon is a genuinely great album.

Watch the video to Money On The Dark Horse

Watch the video to New Local

Download picks: Knock Yourself Out, Lock & Key, Money On The Dark Horse, Atlas, Culture Bleach

Track listing:

  1. New Local
  2. Knock Yourself Out
  3. Lock & Key
  4. Money On The Dark Horse
  5. The Thrill
  6. Digging For Water
  7. Atlas
  8. Great Big Heavy
  9. Culture Bleach
  10. Ozona
  11. Pacific Time
  12. Trepador