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Flip Skateboard Presents Extremely Sorry OST

Flip Skateboards Extremely Sorry soundtrack

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WHILE a lot of skateboard films use old tracks that you’ve most likely heard before, Flip Skateboard’s Extremely Sorry soundtrack aims to be a true one of a kind… and succeeds!

Produced in Southern California by producer and DJ Baron, best known for his drum ‘n’ bass productions and work with record label Breakbeat Kaos, the soundtrack features a broad array of musical styles that match each skater’s part in the film.

Hence, while Baron creates some intense and invigorating instrumental tracks, he also collaborated with Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Mack Winston (Mack Winston and the Reflections), Black Mountain, ((Sounder)), Early Man, Snoop Dogg and Warren G to make a soundtrack that boasts genuinely widespread appeal.

And it’s tribute to Baron’s skill at both that the highlights aren’t just reserved for the higher profile collaborations.

For sure, the grungy, retro tinged cover of Stand By Me demands widespread attention because of its collaboration between Lemmy and Dave Lombardo – it’s really rather cool and really rather great!

But the instrumental This Is Forever, which drops in a vocal sample, is an atmospheric blend of Mogwai-esque guitars and urban synths that could grace the soundtrack of either a Michael Mann or a Michael Bay movie.

Scream My Name, in contrast, finds Pennywise’s Jim Lindberg dropping an aggressive vocal over the type of breakbeats that The Crystal Method would be proud of, and When Is Now weaves an addictive bassline loop over flamenco-tinged acoustic guitars and synth flourishes.

Love Shroom, featuring Mack Winston, has a psychedelic vibe that evokes Oasis and Sgt Pepper era Beatles at times, complete with orchestral touches, while Arizona Lead In finds more energetic guitar riffs setting the scene well for the moody, atmospheric Desert Convoy.

Watch out, too, for the brokedown slice of Americana rock that is Burn Out Like Fireflies, a hazy classic featuring ((Sounder)), and the hip-hop inflicted Snoop Dogg collaboration Swagger Rich that rounds things off in as much style as they began.

Flip Skateboards was founded in 1991 as a vision to create a modernized skateboard brand, incorporating the highest levels of riders from all ages and genres. The Flip brand message has consistently been a representation of skateboarding’s off beat lifestyle and sub-culture.

Some of the world’s most legendary skaters are stars of the Flip team, as well as the next crop of ripping amateurs and sponsored riders from around the world.

Flip released their third video in the Sorry trilogy Extremely Sorry in October 2009. Its soundtrack looks certain to become the benchmark for all future skate films in both the scope of the music and it’s unique distribution collaboration.

We’d urge you to jump on board!

Download picks: Stand By Me, This Is Forever, Burn Out Like Fireflies, Swagger Rich, When Is Now, Love Shroom

Track listing:

  1. Intro – Baron & Geoff Rowley/Lemmy Kilmister
  2. Stand By Me – Baron & Lemmy Kilmister/Dave Lombardo
  3. Drum Solo – Baron & Dave Lombardo
  4. This Is Forever
  5. Scream My Name – Baron & Jim Lindberg
  6. When Is Now
  7. Lead The Storm
  8. Ignition
  9. Love Shroom – Baron & Mack Winston
  10. Arizona Lead In
  11. Desert Convoy
  12. End Of The Beginning, The – Baron & Black Mountain
  13. Burn Out Like Fireflies – Baron & Sounder
  14. Process Of Extinction, The – Baron & Early Man
  15. Swagger Rich – Baron & Warren G/Snoop Dogg