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Foo Fighters announce acoustic tour

Foo Fighters

Story by Jack Foley

FOO Fighters have announced that they will tour the acoustic side of their recent double album, In Your Honour even though no dates have yet been set.

According to drummer, Taylor Hawins, the decision will honour their initial promise to do so and will showcase the more sensitive side of the band.

He told MTV News: “Instead of going out there and sweating my butt off every night, I’ll be playing with my brushes quietly and stuff. I think it’ll be good for us, though, as musicians, to go out and explore that dynamic.”

What’s more, the band will be expanding to accommodate the musical demands of the album, having recruited violinist Petra Haden (Beck), pianist Rami Jaffee (Wallflowers) and percussionist Drew Hester.

Haden and Jaffee already guest on the album, while Hester has been busy producing Hawkins’ new side project Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders. There’s no word as to whether another of the album’s collaborators, Norah Jones, will make any guest appearances.

In further Foo Fighters news, the band will release their next single, No Way Back on March 13 – the fourth effort from their successful album.