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Forever Begins Tonight - Patrizio Buanne

Forever Begins Tonight

Review by Lizzie Guilfoyle

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FOLLOWING the phenomenal success of his debut album, The Italian, Patrizio Buanne is back with Forever Begins Tonight, a collection of timeless love songs.

With the exception of the title track which was co-written by Conner Reeves and Buanne’s musical director Mike Stevens (Annie Lennox, Take That), the remaining 11 tracks will sound hauntingly familiar.

Un Angelo, for example, is the Italian version of the Robbie Williams’ classic Angels – the first time Williams has ever allowed a foreign language version of the song. Suffice to say, it’s in exceptionally good hands.

Likewise Io Che Non Vivo – originally a hit for Pino Donaggio as long ago as 1963, the English language version became an even bigger hit the following year for Dusty Springfield. It was, of course, You Don’t Have to Say you Love Me which, in Buanne’s fine baritone, is given an intensity it so rightly deserves.

While Vives En Mi Corazon (Always On My Mind), sung here in Spanish and English, will always be associated with Elvis Presley who, according to promotional material, is one of Buanne’s heroes. A fan of Elvis myself, I’ve no complaints with this young man’s interpretation although I do find the gospel backing intrusive and unnecessary. Put simply, Buanne’s voice doesn’t need distractions of any kind.

Also worthy of mention is the final track, Bella Bella Signorina, a fun version of Guaglione which some of you may remember from a Guinness ad’ of a few years back. Given the Buanne treatment, it captures the very essence of the sensual, fun-loving Italian male.

Without a doubt, Patrizio Buanne can sing. His warm, seductive voice is addictive and Forever Begins Tonight is as good as an album of love songs can get. So, for all you romantics out there, this one is an absolute must.

Track listing:

  1. Forever Begins Tonight
  2. Un Angelo (Angels)
  3. Io Che Non Vivo (You Don’t Have To say you Love Me)
  4. Vives En Mi Corazon (Always On My Mind)
  5. Maledetta Primavera
  6. Sorridi
  7. Let’s Make Love
  8. Only You (Solo Tu)
  9. You’re My World (Il Mio Mondo)
  10. Malafemmena
  11. Vicin’ ‘O Mare
  12. Bella Bella Signorina

  1. You are right on with your comments…Patrizio sings and looks great…how resfreshing to see a real entertainer …may he continue on.. and on and on forever…I will buy is music…because it is music

    JS Wong    Oct 27    #