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Funeral For A Friend – See You All in Hell

Funeral For A Friend, See You All In Hell

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

FIRST off, no matter what you may think of their music, you’ve got to respect and admire a band who are prepared to call a collection of nine songs an EP! But that’s what See You All In Hell apparently is!

It actually serves as an expansion to their Welcome Home Armageddon LP and includes one new song, High Castles, as well as a selection of live, acoustic and cover songs.

Its release coincides with the release of a vinyl edition of Welcome Home Armageddon, which will include a CD insert of this EP.

The band themselves state: “We wanted to release something special as an add-on to Welcome Home Armageddon and we’ve got some different versions of tracks from the record on there in the form of live, acoustic and a remix by our friend, LoveGadgetsHateGizmos.

“It was a lot of fun to throw in a Strife cover as well as we’ve all grown up as massive fans of that band.”

The ensuing EP offers more of the same of the Funeral For a Friend formula for success: crunching, gargantuan guitar riffs, pounding drums and a mix of melodic choruses and Goth-like wails that should continue to delight the hard-rocking fans among them.

But it’s also just as generic and one-note, for most of the time, as Welcome Home Armageddon… an album that was always for the purists only and which offered very little in the way of broader appeal.

Hence, I didn’t get anything from tracks such as Front Row Seats To The End of The World (recorded live at XFM) or Broken Foundation (again, live at XFM), other than a headache.

New track High Castles isn’t bad, though, despite being heavy. But the guitar sound and opening riff is exhilarating and once the song settles down vocally, it’s a useful indicator of where the band is heading for their new material. The chorus manages to combine power and melody and could be said to offer some crossover appeal into the mainstream.

The LoveGadetsHateGizmos remix of Medicated, meanwhile, is definitely worth checking out and I liked the way it stripped back the guitars to offer an electronic sound early on, while placing the vocals front and centre. It’s hypnotic and haunting, even cinematic.

The final two tracks, meanwhile, offer acoustic versions of Old Hymns and Welcome Home Armageddon, which actually enable the lyrics to seem
more pronounced.

The former sometimes feels like it wants to be unleashed, particularly in the way its sung, but Welcome Home Armageddon is another track that’s well worth checking out for fans and non-fans alike, showcasing what could happen if Funeral For A Friend ever decided to really surprise people and cut back on the groan-inducing heaviness… A mixed bag, then, but one that’s worth delving into at times.

Download picks: High Castles, Medicated (remix), Welcome Home Armageddon (acoustic)

Track listing:

  1. High Castles (new track)
  2. Will To Die (Strife cover)
  3. Medicated (LoveGadgetsHateGizmos remix)
  4. Sixteen (live at Xfm)
  5. Broken Foundation (Live at Xfm)
  6. Man Alive (Live at Xfm)
  7. Front Row Seats To The End Of The World (Live at Xfm)
  8. Old Hymns (acoustic)
  9. Welcome Home Armageddon (acoustic)