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Funkstorung - Appendix

Funkstorung, Appendix

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

APPENDIX marks a watershed in the career of Funkstorung duo Chris de Luca and Michael Fakesch. It’s a farewell, a parting of company and the closing of a chapter.

The duo have decided to disband in order to pursue solo careers and leave Appendix as their final statement at a fitting parting point – their tenth anniversary.

In their prime, Funkstorung remixed classic cuts for the likes of Bjork, Wu-Tang Clan and Jean Michel-Jarre, as well as creating some groundbreaking productions of their own.

Of their notable work, 2001’s remix album Additional Productions remains a favourite among fans, while its sequel Vice Versa surprised many with its pop sensibilities.

In between, there was Appetite For Disctruction, which showcased their style of broken beats, melodious sound and futurist hi-tech hip hop. It became a significant release in dance circles.

Appendix is a celebration of their remix career and is a hit and miss collection of remixes from the likes of Bjork, Lamb and the Raveonettes.

At its best, it offers interesting new interpretations of some recognisable mainstream hits. Their haunting second remix of Bjork’s All Is Full Of Love is particularly beguiling – a haunting organ chord giving way to some rapid-fire industrial beats before the singer’s distinct, melancholy vocals stretch the ethereal nature of the track to thrilling effect.

Less atmospheric but equally delicious is their remix of Lamb’s Heaven, featuring some lush acoustics and stripped-down beats against the backdrop of Lamb’s angelic vocals. It’s quite simply irresistible.

Skip forward a couple of tracks and there’s another excellent change of pace for Raveonettes’ Love In A Trashcan, a slick coming together of alt-rock/classic ’60s guitars, psychedelic/stoner vocals and crisp beats.

Beanfield’s Close To You is another highlight, albeit slightly more pop-driven and electronic.

But some of the remixes don’t achieve the same level of satisfaction. Nils Petter Molvaer’s Axis Of Ignorance is a futuristic slice of hip-hop style beats and stop-start instrumentation that never really finds its stride, while the futuristic funk of Phon.o‘s Trick Or Treat is just plain annoying.

Elsewhere, some of the beats are just too industrial and driving. But for those willing to splash out, at least four of the tracks are worth the cost of the album alone, while the download revolution means that you can read this review and select the ones you require on iTunes. Either way, it’s a nice way to bow out for the Funkstorung boys.

Track listing:

  1. Spacek – 1st Stroke
  2. Phon.o – Trick or Treat
  3. Barry Adamson – Whispering Streets
  4. Bjork – All Is Full Of Love
  5. Lamb – Heaven
  6. Lusine ICL – Sustain
  7. Towa Tei – Latte & Macaron
  8. Raveonettes – Love In A Trashcan
  9. Nils Petter Molvaer – Axis Of Ignorance
  10. Beanfield – Close To You
  11. Enik – No Fire
  12. Richard Devine – Sigstop (bonus track)