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Futur Primitif - Machineteeth (Review)

Futur Primitif, Machine Teeth

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

FUTUR Primitif is the new project from songwriter and singer Daniel Lefkowitz, former member of American indie-folk darlings The Low Anthem.

Re-teaming with several members of that band, he’s now put together Machineteeth, a generally impressive collection of garage band rock and roll numbers.

Abandoning the persistent topic of love in exchange for an extended riff on the new, globalized American landscape, the album is an honest, frank look at his beloved country that doesn’t hold back on criticising where criticism is due.

It has a classic American rock vibe reminiscent of Dylan and Mellencamp, dropping some cracking guitar riffs and some strong bluesy numbers en route to its success.

Highlights include album opener Nuclear Shockwave, which contains some thrilling guitar work, a great husky central vocal and an honest look at the nuclear world in which we live.

It’s followed by the robust Digital Space which, if anything, takes its cues from the rock vibe and story-telling prowess of Springsteen, complete with throbbing bass-line to give it extra energy.

In contrast, title track Machineteeth has a lo-fi, bluesy vibe that broods nicely, providing evidence of Futur Primitif’s ability to strip things back and still resonate.

Elsewhere on the seven track LP, Kissinger’s Lips takes aim at politicians and drops some gritty guitar riffs to match the intensity of its lyrics, while Time rounds things off in almost wistful fashion, stripping things back down once more to acoustic strums and sombre piano notes for a somewhat trippy finale that somehow still ends things on a hugely satisfying note. It’s the sort of closing song that stays with you, such is its hypnotic power.

Put together, Lefkowitz has delivered a compelling calling card for his latest incarnation. Low Anthem fans and those who dig classic American rock values should seek it out.

Download picks: Nuclear Shockwave, Digital Space, Machineteeth, Kissinger’s Lips, Time

Track listing:

  1. Nuclear Shockwave
  2. Digital Space
  3. Machineteeth
  4. Current Fiction
  5. Silver Bullet
  6. Kissinger’s Lips
  7. Time