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Gabby Young & Other Animals - We're All In This Together

Gabby Young & Other Animals, We're All In This Together

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

GABBY Young’s glorious debut album We’re All In This Together is one of the most exciting listens of the year.

Endlessly inventive, it’s by turns a fun-fuelled carnival, an intimate rallying call, a cabaret-style party pleaser and a tender insight into the adventurous mind of its creator.

The less brave among you (or rather the mainstream obsessed) may wonder what hit them for some time afterwards… but that’s part of the joy.

Young never once rests on her laurels. Songs constantly change tempos, no two sound the same and there’s a diversity that’s breathtaking.

The template is set early on with Umm, a cheeky ode to awkward dates, that opens with vaudeville-style accordians, violins and guitars, and a pensive delivery… until a brass fanfare opens it into a riot of energy.

The track then gleefully strips thing back and builds things back up throughout the remainder of its running time to really grab your attention.

Vocally, Young is her own woman… although for guidance you could point a little towards Regina Spektor, and a little towards Kate Bush.

But she does her own thing and defies easy pigeon-holing.

Ladies Of The Lake blends lush piano loops with stop-start back-beats and a beguiling story that’s enthralling, while the breezy, jazzy Ones That Got Away re-introduces the brass to create a sumptuous cabaret-style romp.

One of my own personal highlights, meanwhile, comes in the form of the banjo-led We’re All In This Together, a contender for one of the songs of the year.

Described by its creator as her “version of murder ballad with a joyful outlook”, it’s a mesmerising slow-burner that demands repeat listening and widespread appreciation.

Thereafter, the album maintains the standards… Lipsink benefits from Young’s wonderfully jazzy delivery, Sour trades a playful bassline with some dusky pianos and a husky set of vocals, and Ask You A Question unfolds like a madcap , eastern European slice of musical theatre that sees Young at her feistiest. It’s delicious!

Maybe, meanwhile, slows things back down and taps into the more tender, intimate side of her songwriting, as does Too Young To Die (a song that was perhaps inspired by her own successful battle against cancer) and Two By Two rounds things off in vaguely surreal style to ease the album to a wonderful close that juxtaposes tender reflectiveness with more brass flourishes.

In short, Gabby Young and her Animals have created a debut LP that borders on being a masterpiece. It’s very definitely one of the albums of the year.

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Download picks: Umm…, Ones That Got Away, We’re All In This Together, Lipsink, Ask You A Question, Too Young To Die, Two By Two

Track listing:

  1. Umm
  2. Ladies Of The Lake
  3. Reprise
  4. One That Got Away
  5. We’re All In This Together
  6. Lipsink
  7. Whose House
  8. SourSour
  9. Ask You A Question
  10. Horatio [intro]
  11. Maybe
  12. Too Young To Die
  13. Two By Two