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Gelka - Less Is More

Gelka, Less Is More

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

GELKA’S previous work has featured on the likes of Café Del Mar, subtly serenading coffee drinkers and restaurant-goers along with a large amount of easy-listening artists.

Less Is More attempts to do just that: understated bass lines and intriguing percussion sounds provide a foundation for intricate funk guitar and smooth, smoky vocals.

The album flows from one song to another with a graceful stealth, becoming the background and soothing any situation. The production values and the musical ability demonstrated are of an incredibly high standard as songs dip into jazz, funk and blues and electronic sounds accompany a wealth of instruments.

The variety of vocal artists is a nice touch, giving a different feel to different songs but never breaking away from the dream-like glow they emit. The quality of music doesn’t grab your attention, it earns it with smooth creativity.

However, the album can also be scatty, with bizarre interludes and breaks that seem unnecessary, drifting in and out of the tunes. Some songs have no vocal contribution and leave the instruments to do the talking. This enhances the reserved image of the album, but means the listener is never wholeheartedly captivated.

To listen to Gelka is to descend into a cloud of smooth music or drift down a placid river without a care. Less Is More is a quiet and graceful album that is, unfortunately, very missable and may just join the stack of CD’s next to the sound-system at your local coffee shop.

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Track Listing:

  1. So Many Ways
  2. Rasta Baby
  3. Blame
  4. Burlesk
  5. Callin’
  6. Find The Peace
  7. When You Gotta Go You Gotta Go
  8. Soon
  9. Eau Rouge Pt 1
  10. Eau Rouge Pt 2
  11. Angry Eyes
  12. Hungarian Woodoo
  13. The Last Tree
  14. Flow Motion
  15. Tea Kettle’s Dream