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Get Rich or Die Tryin' OST

Get Rich Or Die Tryin' soundtrack

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

50 CENT continues to justify his claim to being ‘the hardest working man alive’ by putting out the soundtrack to his film, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

The album – featuring songs from and inspired by the film – follows the March release of The Massacre and was created in between takes on the film, while 50 worked in his trailer.

The artist serves as executive producer, along with Sha Money XL, Dr Dre and Hi-Tek, while the album features collaborations with Mase, Nate Dogg and newly-signed G Unit members Mobb Deep and MOP.

Given the film and its subject matter – about an orphan who is forced to turn to drug-dealing to survive, but who harbours dreams of becoming a singer – the album is as hard-hitting an affair as we have come to expect from 50 Cent.

It is born from the world 50 Cent emerged from, reflecting the hardship of life on the streets – from drug-dealing, prostitution and gun-running to the narrow line that exists between life and death.

Opening track, Hustler’s Ambition, sets the standard, emerging as a grimy, sassy expose of the hustle of everyday life – complete with a soulful female backing vocal and a really smooth chorus.

After being dropped in a club to give people a taste of what to expect, it has been spun on decks uncontrollably ever since.

The soul vibe is rife throughout another of the album’s highlights, What If, a smooth groove booty-shaker that pensively poses questions like ‘if I smoke weed all day like Snoop do, I’d see the world different through my dilated pupils’.

The usual hip-hop stereotypes are present and correct throughout, with the term ‘nigger’ being over-used and whores featuring on numerous occasions, but Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ actually works better than The Massacre because it feels a little more sincere.

One of the film’s co-stars, Terrence Howard, has stated that watching 50 Cent work was a fantastic experience, especially when ‘surrendering to his environment’.

“You saw Curtis Jackson on the set. You saw the boy who looked insecure and nervous and frightened but who was still willing to step out there and do it,” he explained.

That insecurity isn’t apparent on the soundtrack but there is certainly a passion in many of the tracks that isn’t always evident on some of his consumer-driven work.

Further highlights include Have A Party, a lively, clap-happy dance-floor filler that features Mobb Deep, and the funky We Both Think Alike, featuring a nice vocal trade-off between 50 and Olivia.

Forthcoming single, Window Shopper, is a really smooth performer, oozing the trademark sound of 50 Cent as it exposes the mentality of a rapper who can’t afford to buy the things he wants and feels he deserves.

It boasts another catchy chorus and 50’s vocals at their most laidback and honest.

Elsewhere, tracks from Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo add more vocal layering delivered in the same 50 Cent instrumental style.

It’s a soundtrack that lives, breathes and oozes 50 Cent and is clearly a labour of love designed to enhance the prospects of the film.

As such, it should delight the fans while suitably whetting the apetite for the release of the movie itself.

Track listing:
1. Hustler’s Ambition
2. What If
3. Things Change
4. You Already Know
5. When Death Becomes U
6. Have A Party
7. We Both Think Alike
8. Don’t Need No Help
9. Get Low
10. Fake Love
11. Window Shopper
12. Born Alone Die Alone
13. You A Shooter
14. I Don’t Know Officer
15. Talk About Me
16. When It Rains It Pours
17. Cloud 9
18. Best Friend
19. I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy