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Ghostpoet - Some Say I So I Say Light (Review)

Ghostpoet, Some Say I So I Say Light

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

TWO years on from the release of his Mercury nominated debut, Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam, Ghostpoet – aka Obaro Ejimiwe – drops his sophomore offering, Some Say I So I Say Light, and impresses in fits and starts.

Co-produced with Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Darkstar, Egyptian Hip-Hop), this latest collection finds Ghostpoet pushing the boundaries even further in all directions, incorporating his trademark flow with dark electronic arranements, elements of hip-hop and the occasional duet.

If anything, there are moments that remind you of both Faithless and Tricky, albeit couched in Ghostpoet’s own inimitable observational style.

It’s almost ironic, then, that opening track Cold Win underwhelms, offering sparse instrumentation and one of the least interesting lyrics.

But Them Waters, an ode to life on The Thames that continually repeats “send me down The Thames”, is when the album really gets going… it’s insistent electronic hook really providing a gripping backdrop.

The haunting Dial Tones benefits from a beguiling vocal from Lucy Rose and is an easy highlight (especially when both vocals collide towards the end), while the energetic Plastic Bag Brain thrives on Afro Beat guitar riffs and the presence of Tony Allen on drums and Dave Okumu from The Invisible on guitar (evidence of the broader sound of this sophomore effort).

Meltdown puts a different spin on the break-up anthem by virtue of its energetic beats and ghostly electronics. But it’s still heartbroken in sentiment, especially once Rose’s female vocals kick in and lament the fact that “I think we’re on the meltdown, I feel it in my bones… I don’t feel right”. It’s one of the best break-up tracks you’re likely to hear in a while.

Elsewhere, Dorsal Morsel impresses with its hypnotic electronic arrangements and gruff vocals (creating a distinctly late night vibe), 12 Deaf has a Massive Attack style atmosphere to it while Ghostpoet analyses his own fears and anxieties, and Comatose brings the album to a close on a really sombre note that, nevertheless, hooks you in with the honesty of its lyrics (“I feel like the whole world has turned its back on me”).

Admittedly, it rounds things off on a bit of a downer but that’s part of Ghostpoet’s appeal: striking honesty married to instrumental beauty, often of an ethereal or atmospheric nature.

Some Say I So I Say Light has to rate as another personal success for him.

Download picks: Them Waters, Dial Tones, Meltdown, 12 Deaf, Dorsal Morsel

Track listing:

  1. Cold Win
  2. Them Waters
  3. Dial Tones
  4. Plastic Bag Brain
  5. Thymethymethyme
  6. Meltdown
  7. Sloth Trot
  8. Dorsal Morsel
  9. Msi Musmid
  10. 12 Deaf
  11. Comatose