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Ginuwine - Back II Da Basics

Ginuwine, Back II Da Basics

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

HIP-hop soul artist Elgin Baylor Lumpkin (aka Ginuwine) follows up his 2003 multi platinum-selling album The Senior with this hopelessly generic effort, Back II Da Basics that boasts yet more slick production values from the likes of Jazze Pha, Troy Oliver, The Underdogs and TrackMasters.

The artist has developed a huge following for the way in which his urban sound fuses elements of R’n’B, rap and soul. Yet despite containing the odd catchy tune, the album just isn’t different enough to stand out in the over-crowded genre.

Opening track, Intro, featuring Knight, is a lively enough introduction, setting Knight’s urban rapping style against Ginuwine’s soulful tones and dropping in a nice beat.

But the formula becomes pretty tired by the second track, Oh Girl, which feels like a hybrid of Nelly mixed with Craig David – not a good thing.

The rest of the album is over-populated with smooth groove R’n’B style rhythms and melodies that sound the same as countless other artists plying their trade.

Attempts to slow things down by sexing things up – such as the laboured When We Make Love – do little to broaden the appeal.

While the opening seconds of both Far Away and Take A Chance use almost exactly the same intro (albeit with different instruments) that really feels lazy.

As mentioned, there’s the odd moment when Genuwine breaks out of the album’s rigid style to offer a slightly more uptempo variation – such as title track Back II Da Basics and the urban final track, Hold On Me.

But in the main this all too quickly becomes a tedious listen that’s a little too smooth grooving for its own good.

Track listing:

  1. Intro – Ginuwine & Knight
  2. Oh Girl
  3. Secrets
  4. When We Make Love
  5. Want U To Be
  6. Club – Ginuwine & Jadakiss
  7. Interlude – Ginuwine & Knight
  8. She’s Like
  9. Betta Half
  10. Glaze In My Eye
  11. I’m In Love
  12. Far Away
  13. Take A Chance
  14. Back II Da Basics
  15. Thank Yous
  16. Hold On Me