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Glastonbury 2007: Tout-beating site launched

The Who

Story by Jack Foley

IN A BID to beat the ticket touts the organisers of this year’s Glastonbury Festival (2007) have teamed up with the BBC to create a website to help guide music fans through the process of buying tickets.

Anyone who wants tickets for this year’s event must pre-register during February, submitting a passport-sized photo, and then only those with a unique registration number can purchase the £150 tickets when they go on sale on April 1.

The BBC site, launched in conjunction with festival organisers, contains details on how to pre-register online, by post and on the high street. It also explains how new safety measures hope to combat ticket touts.

Details can be viewed by clicking here

As the live date for tickets being released draws ever nearer, it has also been revealed that sales will be restricted to two tickets per person.

Each applicant will also require a separate registration number and photos will also be printed on the tickets to avoid them changing hands.

Credit card payments won’t be accepted and any suspect online transactions will be cancelled.

According to festival organiser Michael Eavis the new system is “much fairer” and will go some way to ensuring that the people who buy tickets on April 1 will be the people who actually attend the festival.

The full line-up for this year’s landmark event won’t be announced before tickets go on sale even though several acts have been confirmed, including The Who (pictured), Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and Bjork.

The 2007 Glastonbury Festival is due to be held from June 22-24 on Mr Eavis’ Somerset farm if a licence is granted.

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