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Glimmermen - I'm Dead (Review)

Glimmermen, I'm Dead

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

DUBLIN-based quartet Glimmerman have delivered a hit and miss debut album in I’m Dead.

When it’s catchy, it really does drop some infectious songs. But at other times, it’s a plodding, self-indulgent mess. Hence, for every moment that endears, there’s another that frustrates.

The omens appear to be good early on as opening track I’m Dead sets a rollicking good yarn over ska-infused instrumentals that positively sweep you along, complete with a really addictive guitar hook and easy-going harmonising.

There’s a touch of The Style Council and The Jam about Last Song, the track that follows, but despite a somewhat rugged verse structure, the chorus is – again – nicely catchy.

And Ex=Out adopts a more laidback vibe but maintains the tight melodies that really do mark the first half or so of the LP.

But when they experiment, they’re less successful. The spoken word, post-rock blues of Angels & Devils is foreboding and unappealing during its verses, never really finding any kind of rhythm. The chorus is OK but all too short and it’s back to the dreary spoken word approach that not even the addition of some horns can enhance.

Similarly dreary, but in a more haunting way, is the final track Home, which ends things on a downbeat note. While There Was A Boy suffers from more unappealing hooks and riffs and a flat vocal from Gavin Cowley. Again, a brass-inflicted chorus can’t save things.

It’s a shame because when they opt for brighter melodic structures, they can be really infectious, as another favourite, This Town proves. It’s cute licks, easy-going vocals and tight chorus really win you over.

Sadly, there’s not enough of the good to make the album worth sticking with. It’s more a case of picking out the downloads.

Download picks: I’m Dead, Ex=Out, This Town

Track listing:

  1. I’m Dead
  2. Last Song
  3. Ex=Out
  4. Angels & Devils
  5. There Was A Boy
  6. This Town
  7. Believe Me
  8. Peace At Last
  9. Home