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Go! Team - Proof Of Youth

Go! Team, Proof Of Youth

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

PROOF Of Youth, the new album from Go! Team, is one of the most impossibly upbeat records of the year so far. And that can only be a good thing!

Discarding conventional song structure and slick studio production values, Go! Team exist to have fun and create music that flies in the face of normality. Hence, their sound combines everything from the feel-good retro value of ABC era Jackson 5, to old-skool hip hop and ’70s-laced psychedelia. And more often than not, they’ll do it on the same track!

What’s more, they’ve employed a kick-ass collection of collaborators to help them out this time around, including Public Enemy legend Chuck D, the original Double Dutch Divas, Maryland’s pint-sized Rapper’s Delight Club, Marina from Bonde Do Role, Amsterdam based Solex and Washington DC’s Frederick Douglas All Star Cheer Team.

The ensuing album whisks you off on a delirious musical joyride that revels in its own ability to please itself and do its own thing. The result is entirely infectious.

Former single Grips Like A Vice kicks things off in suitably giddy fashion on a note of familiarity, before current single Doing It Right really gets the party going – its car-chase horns, “do it, do it, alright” chants and glockenspiel beats combining to utterly bombastic effect to create a bona fide classic. By the time MC/cheerleader Ninja drops the vocals it’s a feverish sing-along in a Sesame Street meets Polyphonic Spree kind of style.

Thereafter, it’s fun all the way – with the odd interlude to remind you that Go! Team are capable of so much more.

Highlights include Titanic Vandalism, with its breathtaking intro and adrenaline-releasing horn frenzy, Universal Speech, which sustains the energy to impressive effect, Keys To The City, with its thrilling guitar riffs, and the utterly brilliant The Wrath of Marcie, which begins with another trumpet fanfare and unfolds into, quite possibly, the most beautiful track on the album.

And just to ensure that no one could accuse them of being a little too one note, Go! Team mix things up a little to equally take notice effect. Early on, there’s My World to catch you off guard with its disarmingly stripped down blend of acoustic guitar, shaker and synth, while I Never Needed It Now So Much takes the form of an impossibly cute pop song featuring the bittersweet vocals of Solex.

Flashlight Fight, meanwhile, drops some heavy hitting old-skool hip hop beats and breaks to create a thrilling homage to Public Enemy, complete with guest vocals from Chuck D himself. It’s a penultimate track that provides proof positive that these Go! Team guys are consistently flirting with genius. Did we need to tell you that final track Patricia’s Moving Picture is similarly brilliant?

Proof Of Youth is nothing short of gargantuan fun and you’d be silly to miss out on revelling in the party atmosphere it creates.

Download picks: Doing It Right, My World, Titanic Vandalism, The Wrath of Marcie, I Never Needed It Now So Much, Flashlight Fight, Patricia’s Moving Picture

Track listing:

  1. Grip Like A Vice
  2. Doing It Right
  3. My World
  4. Titanic Vandalism
  5. Fake ID
  6. Universal Speech
  7. Keys To The City
  8. The Wrath Of Marcie
  9. I Never Needed It Now So Much
  10. Flashlight Fight
  11. Patricia’s Moving Picture