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Go:Audio - Made Up Stories

Go:Audio, Made Up Stories

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

YOU have to admire Go:Audio’s ambition if not always their music.

Shortly after releasing their first singles She Left Me and Made Up Stories through Epic Records in the summer of 2008, they decided to part company with the major label and release all their subsequent new material independently.

They have also utilised the internet, enlisting their fans support in making crucial decisions. Hence, polls have been held to determine B-sides and artwork. It means they have a loyal following.

But while much of what’s written above suggests a band that likes to take risks in everything it does, it’s curious to find that their debut album Made Up Stories takes very few.

It’s radio friendly pop-rock that sound checks everyone from McFly to Fall Out Boy via early Blink 182 and co.

Album opener Made Up Stories and its immediate follow-up Brake! Brake! are bright but generic pop-rockers that never seem sure whether to just go for it and stay heavy, or to play safe and remain in pop territory. Their sound is very young and, inevitably, kind of naive.

And yet they’re capable of surprises. Their most recent single, Drive To The City, for instance, drops a synth groove that would sound more in keeping with the Ibiza scene than the rock fraternity, before careering into a relatively appealing slice of electro-rock. The chorus, in particular, contains echoes of some of Iglu & Hartly’s more euphoric efforts (think In This City).

Woodchuck, meanwhile, is a more blatant slice of America Pie-style frat-rock that’s as lively as early Blink 182 efforts, and This Isn’t Hollywood is a halfway decent power ballad that offers an interesting stretch of James Matthews’ vocals into falsetto territory.

The trick is repeated with the piano-based I’m With You, which demonstrates a maturity that’s not always apparent in their songwriting, and final track Forget About It, which ends things on a positive note.

Go:Audio’s Made Up Stories is therefore quite a curious listen. In its early stages, it’s often quite forgettable and throwaway, but give it chance and they do seem to grow as the record gets older.

Download picks: This Isn’t Hollywood, I’m With You, Forget About It

Track listing:

  1. Made Up Stories
  2. Brake! Brake!
  3. She Left Me
  4. Drive To The City
  5. Woodchuck
  6. This Isn’t Hollywood
  7. Save Me Now
  8. I’m With You
  9. So Quiet You Were
  10. Forget About It