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Golden Bloom - March to the Drums

Golden Bloom, March to the Drums EP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

IT MAY only be an EP but Golden Bloom’s March to the Drums is well worth taking the time to appreciate.

Shawn Fogel’s follow-up to 2009’s brilliant Fan The Flames is every bit as upbeat and pleasurable.

Stemming from the mind of the one-man band and New York native that is Fogel, March to the Drums features soaring vocals, shimmering guitar hooks, whizzing keyboards and a breezy disposition that delivers indie power pop to rival the likes of Wilco and Ben Kweller.

It opens with the bouncy instrumental In The Beginning before hitting you with the harmony laden Rhyme The Reason, which instructs the listener who has lost a friend to “try and pick up the pieces” in between some lovely melodies.

Hence, where the songs from Fan The Flames were more about politics and the balance between frustration and optimism, those on March to the Drums are much more personal and somehow more accessible.

Lead single and EP highlight You Go On (& On) is brimming with great guitar hooks, catchy choruses and a shimmering power pop vibe that reflects on the drive to make music, the excitement of being on the verge of something, the uncertainty of what comes next, or whether or not it’s even worth it. It’s the sort of fascinating juxtapositions that, lyrically, Fogel loves to indulge in.

Another sparkling track follows in the form of Passing, which combines some lush acoustic guitars with disarming whistles and xylophone beats. It’s a real charmer and the point at which you’ll yearn for a new full-length album from Golden Bloom.

Instead, you have to make do with the shimmering guitar rock of We Have Grown and the kooky instrumental finale Still Beat The Same – both great tracks that are only frustrating in the sense that they mark the end of a really great (but painfully short) listen.

Trust us, you need some Golden Bloom in your lives right now!

Download picks: Rhyme The Reason, You Go On (& On), Passing, We Have Grown

Track listing:

  1. In The Beginning
  2. Rhyme The Reason
  3. You Go On (& On)
  4. Passing
  5. We Have Grown
  6. Still Beat The Same