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Goldspot - Tally Of The Yes Men

Goldspot, Tally of the Yes Men

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

FANS of The OC may already be aware of LA-based outfit Goldspot given that their cover version of Modest Mouse’s classic Float On was used in the series.

But for those that don’t, Goldspot really are worth becoming acquainted with, especially if you like your melodies sun-kissed and your music to contain an upbeat, summery vibe.

The brainchild of frontman Siddartha Khosla, who was raised on the east coast of America in a household where Indian culture was uppermost, Goldspot boasts a winning mix of British guitar pop, psychedelia-laced Beatles, West Coast coolness and some Bollywood touches.

It’s a formula that immediately swept LA DJ Nic Harcourt off his feet and attracted the attention of the Mercury music, who swiftly signed them to the recently revived Fontana label.

Debut single It’s Getting Old then recently became an iTunes single of the week and the album quickly enjoyed even greater digital success, reaching No.16 in the iTunes Alternative chart.

Now that it’s getting a physical release, there’s really no excuse for missing out on the delights that lie in wait. This is a confident debut release that embraces all that’s good about the West Coast music scene and British guitar pop.

Khosla’s laidback vocal style hints at George Harrison on occasion, while some of the melodies and guitar riffs reflect everyone from The Cure to Oasis via Kula Shaker and The Beatles.

Opening track Rewind kicks things off in vibrant fashion, hooking you in with a winning mix of guitars that seem tailor-made in England, before Cusp drops some DIY sounding electronic beats and another upbeat vibe.

Strings announce the start of forthcoming single Friday, as if to reflect some of its Eastern influences. But then an acoustic guitar takes over and Khosla’s vocals announce “today’s Friday, it is my day to do what I want”. It’s an easily identifiable sentiment and a great track to usher in the weekend.

By this point, the album should have you hooked. And it continues to deliver the goods with tracks like Time Bomb, It’s Getting Old, with its Cure-like riffs, and So Fast.

Of my own personal highlights, however, The Feel Good Program Of The Year stands out as a song that blows you away from the very first listen – complete with traces of The Beatles and a really relaxed vibe.

And sombre final track In The Post, with its haunting piano, is an absolute humdinger to drawn things to a close.

In short, Goldspot have delivered a bit of a stunner and you’d be a fool to miss out on its treasures.

Download picks: Rewind, Friday, It’s Getting Old, The Feel Good Program Of The Year, Motorcade, In The Post

Track listing:

  1. Rewind
  2. Cusp
  3. Friday
  4. The Guard
  5. Time Bomb
  6. It’s Getting Old
  7. The Feel Good Program Of The Year
  8. So Fast
  9. The Assistant
  10. Motorcade
  11. In The Post