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Good Lovelies - Burn The Plan (Review)

Good Lovelies, Burn The Plan

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

CANADIAN folk trio Good Lovelies have taken a while to deliver their latest full-length album, Burn The Plan (which follows 2011’s Let The Rain Fall), but the wait was worth it.

A quietly satisfying listen, this is marked by its winsome song-writing, sweet vocal style and ear-pleasing melodies.

Admittedly, the trio are at their best when keeping the folk sound more upbeat and breezy, while spreading beyond the folk genre. Album opener In The Morning, for instance, drops some kooky melodies and an electronic touch that’s more Postal Service than McGarrigle, while Waiting For You is as longing as its title suggests but benefits from a gutsier folk-rock vibe to offset the impossibly sweet vocals.

Broken Hearted, meanwhile, has fun subverting expectations by combining a robust percussion and some endearing ‘do, do-do’ harmonies to offset its darker lyrics. A banjo accompaniment is also a nice touch that enlivens the song. It’s a surprisingly breezy offering for a song dealing with the disappointment of heartbreak.

There’s a hint of jazz in the instrumentals of Open Windows which, again, serves to broaden the album’s appeal beyond the folk brigade, while the tender acoustic style of When The City Settles has a disarming appeal by virtue of its simplicity. The vocals here really do shine, especially as they’re nicely layered.

Don’t Hold Back, meanwhile, has a classic pop style to counter-balance its yearning lyricism, coupled with some sultry harmonising, while Into The Dark thrives on its sweet piano bed and disarming vocal style that succeeds in delivering some spellbinding harmonies.

Of the folk ballads, Watching TV has arguably the most bewitching power and is a really nice way to draw the album to a close, while older time influences such as Old Fashioned and The Doe still possess a lot of confidence, even if they’re a little less adventurous in their approach.

All in all, Good Lovelies have made a really welcome comeback with Burn The Plan – and one that is more than capable of broadening their appeal globally.

Downlod picks: In The Morning, Broken Hearted, When The City Settles, Don’t Hold Back, Into The Dark, Watching TV

Track listing:

  1. In The Morning
  2. Waiting For You
  3. Broken Hearted
  4. Open Windows
  5. Last Night
  6. When The City Settles
  7. Don’t Hold Back
  8. Old Fashioned Love
  9. Four O’clock
  10. Into The Dark
  11. Slow Road
  12. The Doe
  13. Watching TV