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Good Shoes - Think Before You Speak

Good Shoes, Think Before You Speak

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

GOOD Shoes are a Morden-based band who specialise in catchy, indie-infused pop records that also translate well to the dancefloor.

Their debut album Think Before You Speak clocks in at a crisp 38 minutes and is a mostly pleasing collection of lovelorn songs that trade on snappy guitar riffs and punky vocals.

The band is comprised of Rhys Jones (vocals, guitar), Steve Leach (guitar), Joel Cox (bass) and Tom Jones (drums) but it’s Jones and Leach who really stand out.

Tracks like The Photos On The Wall are genuinely catchy, breezy blasts of indie-pop that really do excite. They combine the best elements of classic Cure with some of the modern sensibilities of bands like The Futureheads.

But there’s a really rousing quality to their music that should serve them well on the indie dance scene, where their songs will probably keep revellers dancing well into the night.

The highlights tend to pick themselves. The Photos On The Wall is a super-charged humdinger that brims with youthful vibrance, while another former single Never Meant To Hurt You hurtles along in feisty fashion, dropping ear-catching hooks as if they were going out of fashion.

Lyrically, their music flits between moments of lovelorn cynicism and doughy-eyed romanticism. It’s both endearingly naive and surprisingly mature.

Never Meant To Hurt You contains several astute observations based around a relationship Rhys met on a plane to Canada. The chorus is almost a confessional with lines like “do you ever feel like you’ve been lying from the start, I do…” and “do you ever feel like you’ve broken someone’s heart”.

Blue Eyes is another gem, the guitar work utterly charming from the opening siren call, to the subtle central riff running over the top of it. Cure fans should definitely acquaint themselves with this song, while there’s also a certain appeal to members of The Strokes brigade. Good Shoes remain quintessentially English, though.

Sophia is another charmer, focusing on teenage insecurity – but always finding humour in its observations of youth culture. The guitars once again stand out. Ditto Small Town Girl, a cheeky tale of a girl from the sticks who finds her way in Hollywood.

And In The City offers a useful insight into the band’s growing maturity, slowing things down for some more deliberate hooks and further astute observations about city life.

Come the hand-clap beats and sparky guitars of album closer Wait, you’ll probably have arrived at the opinion that Good Shoes provide a really comfortable fit for anyone who likes their indie-pop to be short, sharp, intelligent and catchy.

Download picks: The Photos On My Wall, Never Meant To Hurt You, Blue Eyes, Sophia, Small Town Girl, In The City, Wait

Track listing:

  1. Nazanin
  2. Photos On My Wall
  3. Morden
  4. All In My Head
  5. Never Meant To Hurt You
  6. Blue Eyes
  7. Sophia
  8. We Are Not The Same
  9. Small Town Girl
  10. In The City
  11. Things To Make And Do
  12. Everybody’s Talking
  13. Ice Age
  14. Wait