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Gorgon City - Sirens (Review)


Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

GORGON City is the work of pop-house powerhouse producers Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson-Scott who have jointly taken the summer dance scene by storm. Yet while their debut album is certain keenly anticipated, it’s also under-whelming.

This is largely due to the generic nature of many of the compositions, which concentrate so hard on becoming big summer club anthems that they lack a distinct identity of their own – and that’s despite the presence of vocalists as high-profile as Katy B, Maverick Sabre and Jennifer Hudson.

The beats are slick and the house and electronic elements as polished as you might expect. But there’s just something missing – something that the album’s better moments merely serve to highlight even more.

Hence, where early tracks like Coming Home and Ready For Your Love struggle to stand out from the masses (especially once the latter hits its chart-friendly chorus), it’s the slower and more considered moments that really make any impression.

The Laura Welsh featuring Here For You slows down the tempo slightly and benefits from Welsh’s supremely sultry vocals, while Maverick Sabre’s second collaboration on the closing track Hard On Me really does provide a glimpse of what might have been had Gorgon City just mixed things up a little more.

That track, in particular, is a moody slice of late night songwriting that thrives on its slower pace, soulful vocals and sense of emotion – something that is absent throughout a large part of the rest of proceedings.

Still, if the idea of sassy female vocals over a bed of house-leaning synth arrangements and big beats ticks all your boxes, then there’s more than enough of that here. And that’s probably what the masses were expecting.

Download picks: Hard On Me, Here For You

Track listing:

  1. Coming Home ft. Maverick Sabre
  2. Ready For Your Love ft. MNEK
  3. Lover Like You ft. Katy B
  4. Here For You ft. Laura Welsh
  5. FTPA ft. Erik Hassle
  6. Go All Night ft. Jennifer Hudson
  7. Unmissable ft. Zak Abel
  8. Real ft. Yasmin
  9. Imagination ft. Katy Menditta
  10. 6AM ft. Tish Hyman
  11. Elevate ft. Anne – Marie
  12. Take It All ft. The Six
  13. Hard On Me ft. Maverick Sabre