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Grand Slam - Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias

Grand Slam, Richard Dorfmeister vs Madrid de los Austrias

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

GRAND Slam is a summer remix album that pulls together the key productions and remixes of Sunshine Recordings’ Madrid de Los Austrias and G-Stone’s Richard Dorfmeister who have, in recent years, combined to form their own production team.

Sunshine Recordings label man Heinz Tronigger and multi-instrumentalist Pogo form the core of the Madrid boys and together with their friend and production partner Dorfmeister they have been working on their own productions, as well as providing remixes for the likes of Zero 7, Koop and Groove Armada.

Grand Slam combines this production work with some remixes to deliver a dance album that’s very much catered towards the sound of Ibiza. It’s not as bad as some Ministry of Sound releases, featuring well-known DJ selections, but much of the material sounds bland, generic and fails to realise the potential offered by some of the remix work.

It kicks off in suitably familiar fashion with the Dorfmeister vs MDLA dub of Zero 7’s seminal chillout classic, In The Waiting Line, one of the better offerings on the album. But it’s nowhere near as pleasurable as the track in original form and really is no better than a lame cover version of a formerly classic track – albeit with far stronger vocals.

Elsewhere Dorfmeister vs MDLA offerings such as On The Moon Maybe and Boogie No More offer uninspired mash-ups of club-fixated tunes that had me reaching for the skip button rather than heading for the dancefloor, while their take on Groove Armada’s My Friend fails to realise the best work of that formidable dance outfit.

There’s a slightly more funky take on Koop’s Relaxin’ at Club F*****n which is one of only a handful of tracks that actually get your hips grinding but such moments are few and far between for anyone other than fans of the summer sound of the Balaeric Isles.

At the end of the day, this is just another big name modern dance album that failed to move me.

Track listing:

  1. In The Waiting Line – Zero 7 (Dorfmeister vs MDLA dub)
  2. Boogie No More – Dorfmeister vs MDLA
  3. Valldemossa – Dorfmeister vs MDLA
  4. Spanish Grease – Willi Bobo (Dorfmeister vs MDLA muga reserva mix)
  5. Relaxin’ at Club F****n – Koop (Dorfmeister vs MDLA mix)
  6. Back 2 Back – Pressure Drop (Dorfmeister vs MDLA mix)
  7. Make Dis Real – Dorfmeister vs MDLA
  8. Schnitz – Dorfmeister vs MDLA
  9. My Friend – Groove Armada (Dorfmeister vs MDLA mix)
  10. On The Moon Maybe – Dorfmeister vs MDLA