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Green Day confirmed for The Simpsons movie

Green Day

Story by Jack Foley

GREEN Day will appear in the eagerly-anticipated movie of The Simpsons, according to the show’s creator Matt Groening.

Speaking to MTV News, Groening confirmed that he could “publicly acknowledge that Green Day are in the movie”.

He also paid tribute to the band, describing them as “really good sports” and nice guys.

Asked what fans could expect from their appearance, Groening added: “I think we both honour them and Simpson-ise them.”

Another member of The Simpsons crew, actor Hank Azaria – who provides the voice for several characters on the hit TV series, revealed a little more, saying: “I know that Moe yells out obnoxious stuff to Green Day while they’re performing… He yells out stupid stuff.

“[They don’t play] at Moe’s Tavern; they perform elsewhere in the movie – but the whole crowd turns on them.”

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