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Gringo Star – Count Yer Lucky Stars (Review)

Gringo Star, Count Yer Lucky Stars

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WITH a name that has so many obvious connotations it would be borderline remiss not to have some kind of a Beatles ring to their music for Gringo Star.

And that’s just what the amiable Atlanta-based garage-rockers deliver with sophomore album Count Yer Lucky Stars, together with a healthy dose of other classic British rock outfits such as The Kinks and more.

A collection of instantly catchy and self-consciously bright retro-leaning rock-pop, this harks back to both the psychedelic tendencies of those days gone by while bringing something of Gringo Star’s own garage rock roots.

And the tracks fly out the stereo in snappy fashion. Highlights include You Want It, which somehow manages to combine a raw set of vocals (reminiscent of The Strokes) with a vibrant retro pop sound that delivers a genuinely thrilling chorus and Got It, which adds some terrific, Beach Boys leaning harmonising to go with its tambourine-laden chorus and hip vibe.

Beatnik Angel Geordie rocks your socks off with some cute licks, near-perfect melodies and another raggedy set of vocals that add extra grit, Come Alive combines cinematic Sergio Leone qualities with a classic sense of Jagger and the Stones, and Jessica has enough ‘whoah who whoah’ moments and cute licks to become another instant favourite as well as hitting you with a kick-ass, foot-stomping middle section.

Even when the album isn’t hitting the heights of its very best moments, it’s doing something interesting with Esmarelda weaving in an intriguing string section and Shadow opening amid some deeply psychedelic tendencies.

Elsewhere, Light in The Sky provides another bright pop-rock moment that immediately gets those toes tapping, Make You Mine is a Kinks-leaning guilty pleasure and Mexican Coma rounds things off with a bittersweet slice of south of the border tragedy that contains some of the album’s most mature guitar-work.

All told, it’s a brilliant listen from start to finish.

Download picks: You Want It, Got It, Beatnik Angel Georgie, Come Alive, Jessica, Light in The Sky, Mexican Coma

Track listing:

  1. Shadow
  2. You Want It
  3. Got It
  4. Beatnik Angel Georgie
  5. Count Yer Lucky Stars
  6. Come Alive
  7. Esmeralda
  8. Jessica
  9. Light in the Sky
  10. Make You Mine
  11. Mexican Coma