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Hadouken! - Music For An Accelerated Culture

Hadouken!, Music For An Accelerated Culture

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

HADOUKEN! describe their debut LP Music For An Accelerated Culture as a dazzling journey through indie, dubstep, grime, hardcore, acid houses and UK punk. But there’s nothing really that dazzling about it whatsoever.

Rather, this is a full speed ahead riot of noise that barely holds together. It’s loud, brash and desperate to appeal to a hedonistic culture. But anything serious that it has to say is blown away by its migraine-inducing new rave/grinde relentlessness.

Admittedly, the occasional track adheres to more indie values than acid, punk or hardcore, while comparisons with both Prodigy and The Streets aren’t wide of the mark. But come the end of the 11 tracks, I felt world-weary – and not in a good way.

Yes, modern life is fast. And, to coin a phrase from Blur, modern life is even rubbish. But surely music doesn’t have to reflect that at such a rapid rate of acceleration.

Hadouken! seem to think so as album opener Get Smashed Gate Crash drops a siren-like rallying call, some acid-infused electronics and a hideous beat and shouty vocals to deliver an aggressive lament about Friday night excess and wasted youth culture. It’s pessimistic in outlook, and depressing to listen to.

That Boy That Girl and Game Over do little to improve proceedings, although Declaration of War at least comes close to coherence and sounds like a song. It’s still confrontational but it has a radio-friendly appeal to it than will undoubtedly bring Hadouken! a wider appeal.

Sadly, the majority of the album lacks anything to recommend it. Mr Misfortune is a rave-style turn off, Crank It Up a head-banging mess, and What She Did another headache inducer. And I don’t think I’m even that old!

Hadouken! will probably argue that their music has plenty to say, offering frank and incisive commentary on the state of modern Britain. Certainly, there are some salient points but you struggle to hear them.

Liquid Lives, for instances, boasts the shouted/chanted chorus: “Drink! Smoke! Fuck! Fight! Our liquid lives, this is how we all survive.” While Spend Your Life ironically points out “isn’t it funny how people live a life of debt to a person they have never met”.

Whether the people who buy it will care, however, is a moot point. They’ll probably embrace it as a rallying call that fuels their hedonism on those Friday and Saturday night benders. I could be wrong, of course, but I doubt it…

Download picks: Declaration of War, Driving Nowhere, Spend Your Life

Track listing:

  1. Get Smashed Gate Crash
  2. That Boy That Girl
  3. Declaration Of War
  4. Game Over
  5. Mr. Misfortune
  6. Crank It Up
  7. What She Did
  8. Driving Nowhere
  9. Liquid Lives
  10. Spend Your Life
  11. Wait For You