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Hannah Georgas - Hannah Georgas (Review)

Hannah Georgas, Hannah Georgas LP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4.5 out of 5

VANCOUVERITE Hannah Georgas has a voice that could melt butter. And she writes greats songs too.

Her eponymous latest album is a masterclass in musical enjoyment that finds the singer evolving from her guitar-based sound into something more electronic – although not electronica.

There’s a breezy disposition to the composition of the songs that gives rise to highly energetic, ear-pleasing moments that wash over you like a cool wave on a hot summer’s day. When accompanied by that voice, the results are utterly intoxicating.

There’s joy from the outset, with opening track Elephant reverberting with an early electronic pulse, before introducing those delicious vocals, and a song that manages to merge the quirky with the ethereal and the pop savvy. When Hannah asks “is there any love left for me?”, you’ll be screaming out “yes”. You’ll be smitten, especially with the clever way she also layers in the guitars, drums and echoed vocals.

If that song keeps the instrumental sound a little reigned, then the complex electronic swirls of Enemies provide a compelling backdrop that almost have a William Orbit-esque vibe, complete with dark lyrics that open line “we’re in a sea full of sharks, we’re just swimming round and round, they’re going to taste our blood”. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition that makes for a compelling listen.

The upbeat, sparkling Shortie pitches an elastic bass line and echoed synth chimes against lyrical snatches of RnB attitude with lines such as “I’m not a player, not a hater, I’m your lover” and a chorus that defiantly proclaims “I’m going to dance, dance, dance”. You’ll be dancing along with her.

The quality here is maintained throughout. Fantasize ushers in whispered, playful vocals about letting someone go, complete with pleasing background vocal harmonies; Millions rocks along with energetic beats and the type of vocal prowess that should send Feist and Rumer fans running, and What You Do To Me thrives on its moody mix of thoughtful vocals and tick-tock percussion (complete with an insistent guitar lick). It’s an atmospheric song that is fuelled by lyrics that declare “like a shipwreck, my heart is sinking”.

Ode To Mum begins as gentle and sweet as its name suggests it might be, before unfolding into something epic and magnificent and totally heartfelt, while Waiting Game rounds things off with a late night electronic moment that seduces effortlessly while dropping a sort of Drive-Kavinsky-meets-Keane vibe instrumental vibe.

Like we said, a masterclass.

Download picks: Elephant, Enemies, Shortie, Fantasize, What You Do To Me, Waiting Game

Track listing:

  1. Elephant
  2. Somebody
  3. Robotic
  4. Enemies
  5. Shortie
  6. Fantasize
  7. Millions
  8. What You Do To Me
  9. Ode To Mom
  10. Waiting Game