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Herman Dune - Next Year In Zion

Herman Dune

Review by Hedley Jackson

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

YOU asked me for a lighter, and I handed you a match box, and I watched you smoke, as the sky turned pink”, is just one of the many poetically profound stanzas that litter Next Year In Zion by Herman Dune. Songs about love and nature create a romantic album with a timeless aura.

The Parisian pair have unleashed a wealth of uplifting song that make you think and entertain time and time again. A smooth, effortless vocal, combining well with bouncing drums and subtle guitar, dominates songs with story-telling lyrics.

Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, the band have concentrated on creating songs with a ballad style, also managing to incorporate elements of humour (“my baby is afraid of sharks”) in well written songs.

On some songs a guitar solo will break through the calm demeanour, offering a different and intriguing sound. The pair obviously have a lot of musical ability; just through looking at their back catalogue and collaborations with other artists this speaks volumes.

Herman Dune have achieved some success (I Wish That I Could See Your Face reached #89 in Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Songs of 2007) and experience is clearly demonstrated with this album.

The music is layered with trumpets and the occasional female vocal input, which adds much depth without taking anything away from the purity in the vocals. A certain degree of intimacy is always apparent, adhering to the folk-like sound the pair create.

My Home Is Nowhere Without You is the opening track and perambulates steadily with a country feel. Smart lyrics detail a sad story of love lost where lead singer David-Ivar Herman Düne (aka Ya-Ya) demonstrates his carefree and heartfelt vocal.

This album is an adventure into the fanastical and an exploration of emotion that will not disappoint. You’ll find yourself sinking into their bizarre, thought-provoking world, wishing you had an acoustic guitar and a large beard.

In the words of Herman Dune: “Iif you find yourself in Alaska, curled up by a big Bear…don’t you worry a bit.”

Download Picks: My Home Is Nowhere Without You, Try To Think About Me, When We Were Still Friends, On A Saturday, My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks

Track Listing:

  1. My Home Is Nowhere Without You
  2. Try To Think About Me
  3. When The Sun Rose Up This Morning
  4. When We Were Still Friends
  5. On A Saturday
  6. My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks
  7. Lovers Are Waterproof
  8. Next Year In Zion
  9. Someone Knows Better Than Me
  10. My Best Kiss
  11. Baby Baby You’re My Baby
  12. (Nothing Left But) Poison In The Rain