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Heyrocco - Teenage Movie Soundtrack (Review)

Heyrocco, Teenage Movie Soundtrack

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

US THREE-piece Heyrocco look set for big things if they can continue to hit the highs of their new album, Teenage Movie Soundtrack.

A near-perfect mix of grungy angst and bubblegum pop, this channels the classic Seattle sound of acts like Nirvana as well as the indie edge of British groups like Ash and Teenage Fanclub with a little of The Cure thrown in.

It hooks you in from the start with Weezer-esque opener Loser Denial dropping some crisp hooks and a keen mix of the indie-pop and the fuzzy/grungy. Like the name of the album suggests, it sounds like it belongs on some teen movie soundtrack and is an invigorating start.

Melt has a sleazy energy that’s buoyed by some angsty vocals and some scuzzy guitar-work (drawing comparisons with Ash), while Virgin maintains the sleazy values (“everyone’s a horny jerk… everyone’s still a virgin”) while coming over all Cure for the verses. The chorus, though, is pure Nirvana at their best – and as exciting as listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit for the first time.

And yet they’re capable of some ventures into surprise territory too. For while large chunks of the album are devoted to maintaining this early sound, the latter tracks display a surprising detour into breezy, indie-pop territory.

Santa Fe (Stupid Lovesong), with its crisp hooks and handclap beats, has that Friday, I’m In Love Feeling, albeit with a bittersweet lyrical vibe that promises: “Tonight, I’m going to break your heart, a million tiny perfect shards.” It’s a summer anthem in waiting instrumentally… but one for the disaffected more than the hopelessly romantic. And it’s one of our favourites.

Similarly great is the epic closer Happy, which subverts the expectation of its title with some melancholy guitar riffs and a low-key tone that still manages to emerge as surprisingly melodic. It’s a Teenage Fanclub kind of moment.

Elsewhere, First Song delivers a cool indie rocker that just sounds effortlessly catchy, while Alison has a grunge-rock appeal that has a Pumpkins-meets-Ash vibe, and feels like a gloriously retro throwback.

Put together, Heyrocco have delivered a really great collection of songs that look set to make a big impression on both sides of the Atlantic. It could well provide one of the soundtracks to your summer.

Download picks: Loser Denial, Santa Fe (Stupid Lovesong), Virgin, Happy, Alison

Track listing:

  1. Loser Denial
  2. Melt
  3. Virgin
  4. Elsewhere
  5. Mom Jeans
  6. First Song
  7. Alison
  8. Jake Miller’s House Party
  9. Santa Fe (Stupid Lovesong)
  10. Happy