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Holy Ghost Revival - Twilight Exit

Holy Ghost Revival, Twilight Exit

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

HOLY Ghost Revival offer a rare breed of frenzied, primeval rock – and that’s part of their problem.

Their sound is rooted in a bygone era; it’s as epic in scope as Meat Loaf, as loud and stadium-sweeping as Kiss, and even as intricately layered instrumentally as some of both Led Zeppelin and Guns ‘N’ Rose’s wilder extravagances. And it’s delivered in a style befitting each of those bands, as well as an element of The Darkness.

Hence, new album Twilight Exit is very much a rock monster – and a mostly ugly beast at that.

There are some OK tracks – but the overall impression is one of indifference. The album boasts some slick production values, courtesy of Ryan Hadlock (of Gossip, Modest Mouse and The Strokes fame) and it’s diverse enough to embrace plenty of rock styles – from piano based to guitar driven – but it just doesn’t cut it as a completely satisfying experience.

Front man Conor Kiley’s histrionic vocals are part of the problem, veering wildly between the likes of Axl Rose and Justin Hawkins, and never really providing the authority that would seem to befit the hard-hitting vocals.

Tracks like Embrace The Hate and Wetbrain Bandana elevate proceedings briefly, while there’s plenty of rock vitriol surrounding songs like Burn Down Your House (which boasts the chorus, “I’d like to build your house so I can burn it down”), but they’re undermined by gentler tracks such as RM 612 or Empire Skies.

The overall impression is one of extreme disappointment given the hype surrounding them.

Download picks: Embrace The Hate, Wetbrain Bandana


  1. The Gospel According to Judas
  2. Green Raised Vein
  3. Wolfking of L.A
  4. Embrace the Hate
  5. Old Hollywood Is Over
  6. Empire Skies
  7. Burn Down Your House
  8. Wetbrain Bandana
  9. RM. 612
  10. Arrogant Army
  11. Rationed Sacrifice