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Horse Guards Parade – Ten Songs

Horse Guards Parade, Ten Songs

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

HULL based Horse Guards Parade look to follow up the success of their recent self-titled EP with debut album, Ten Songs, which draws from a range of musical and literary influences.

Unfortunately, in spite of some meticulous planning and some strong instrumentals, the album underwhelms and struggles to get away from a feeling of pretentiousness.

Singer and guitarist James Waudby claims to have drawn from the likes of Stephen Malkmus (musically) and Henry Miller, Bret Easton Ellis and Larkin for inspiration… and his song-writing aspires to something more lofty than your average pop offering.

But a lot of the imagery is downbeat and depressing, while vocally the album is also found wanting. It’s not a warm listen.

Lyrics like “there’s sunshine on the radio and a cataract in my mind” (There’s Sunshine On The Radio), “I’ve been drinking to distraction, I’m a little bit lost without you” (Since You Fell Off My Axis) and “she danced on his famous floor, while he threw up in the sink” (She Looked Like Henry Moore) do little to help.

But the most genuinely disappointing aspect to the album is the lack of one really killer moment… a situation that makes the listener’s journey a long, desperate and ultimately unrewarding one despite a bright opening that offered hope of something much better.

On the evidence so far, Horse Guards Parade have work to do ahead of any sophomore album.

Track listing:

  1. Everybody’s Going Back To Your House
  2. As The Plane Lifts Its Wheels
  3. It Ended In A Haze
  4. She Looked Like Henry Moore
  5. Since You Fell Off My Axis
  6. The Treble Clef
  7. This City’s On Fire
  8. The Lies
  9. How Can You Take Me Dancing?
  10. There’s Sunshine On The Radio