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Hot Fuzz OST - Review

Hot Fuzz OST

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE official soundtrack to Hot Fuzz is as fun to listen to as the film is to watch. It’s loaded with classic cuts from the ’70s and ’80s, a couple of belters from new favourites such as The Fratellis, a top score from 007 musical supremo David Arnold, and enough samples from the movie to remind you of some of the best gags.

The film itself is a hilarious spoof on Hollywood blockbusters that finds Simon Pegg’s top Met cop Nicholas Angel posted to the countryside for a supposedly quiet life. Paired with dim-witted partner Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), Angel soon finds himself investigating the possibility of a serial killer in the village.

Hot Fuzz, co-written and directed by Edgar Wright, is an absolute blast that also features the cream of British film and TV stars, including Timothy Dalton, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Bill Bailey and many, many more.

The soundtrack is an equally breezy listen. Opening with Arnold’s Theme From Hot Fuzz, which encapsulates many big screen values (epic sweep, emotional range etc), it then recalls the opening moments of the film as Pegg’s character introduces himself over the top of Adam & The Ants’ camp ’80s classic Goody Two Shoes.

The transition from city life to the countryside is perfectly exemplified by The Kinks’ classic Village Green Preservation Society that’s accompanied by a movie sample from Jim Broadbent’s kindly village chief inspector.

And from then on it’s a mostly pleasing collection of classic tunes, pub favourites and indie—tinged Brit-pop, as though to emphasise the inherent Englishness of the movie.

Highlights include The Fratellis rollicking indie anthem Baby Fratelli, Supergrass’s inspired Caught By The Fuzz, and Osymyso’s excellent remix of Lethal Fuzz (that’s basically a sample from John Eric Alexander’s Lethal Weapon 3 score).

John Spencer and The Elegant Too contribute a bluesy, Hendrix-inspired workout on Here Comes The Fuzz, The Sweet come over all Gene Genie glam-rock on Blockbuster and US alt-rockers Eels drop in with the rousing guitar anthem Souljacker, Part One.

Not everything succeeds in standing out as it does in the film, but the film’s energy is well translated by the boisterous nature of most of the songs, while the decision to drop in plenty of exchanges between Pegg and Frost means that you can’t help but laugh along with it.

Fans of the film will doubtless love this musical accompaniment, while even those who haven’t caught it yet might like to give it a spin given that it boasts a terrific jukebox quality in its own right.

Download picks: Goody Two Shoes, Village Green Preservation Society, Baby Fratelli, Lethal Fuzz, Souljacker Pt 1, Caught By The Fuzz, Here Come The Fuzz, Dance With The Devil.

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Track listing:

  1. Theme From Hot Fuzz – David Arnold
  2. Goody Two Shoes – Adam Ant
  3. Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me) – XTC
  4. Village Green Preservation Society – The Kinks
  5. Solid Gold Easy Action – T-Rex
  6. Baby Fratelli – The Fratellis
  7. Blockbuster – The Sweet
  8. Dance With The Devil – Cozy Powell
  9. Slippery Rock 70’s – Stavely Makepeace
  10. Uncle Derek
  11. Night Of Fear – The Move
  12. I Can’t Control Myself – The Troggs
  13. Fire – The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
  14. Kick Out The Jams – Tubthumper
  15. Lethal Weapon 3 Trailer Score – John Eric Alexander
  16. Avenging Angel – Robert Rodriguez
  17. Souljacker Pt. 1 – Eels
  18. Caught By The Fuzz – Supergrass
  19. Solid Gold Easy Action – The Fratellis
  20. What Did You Think Of That?
  21. Here Come The Fuzz – Jon Spencer And The Elegant Too
  22. The Hot Fuzz Suite – David Arnold