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Hot Gossip - You Look Faster When You Are Young

Hot Gossip, You Look Faster When You Are Young

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2.5 out of 5

HOT Gossip is an Italian band comprised of Giulio, Sergio and Giacomo and with the release of their sophomore effort You Look Faster When You Are Young they return in defiantly brash fashion.

The trio started out life in the back streets of Milan, and when they met, they quickly realised they had a collective aim of playing blistering rock n roll. Their music is described as “not quite indie rock, not quite post-punk or nu rave, and not quite anything else that might fall under the alternative catch-all”.

Rather, it’s deemed unapologetic pop and upbeat rock melded seamlessly together to create songs that are catchier and more polished than anything they’ve ever done before. That final point is up for debate, however.

While the grittiness of the guitars and direct approach of the songwriting is a far cry from the Eurovision sound more commonly associated with European pop acts, and some of the songs conform to Ash/The Subways criteria, their sound rapidly becomes repetitive and tired.

Album opener Everybody Else is a decent enough intro and suggests a frothy comeback that’s going to be full of spiky, rapid-fire, guitar-fuelled moments. But the songs don’t really work hard enough to deliver that much variation for some time afterwards.

The Strokesian riffs on At Night aren’t bad, but the vocals do little to inspire or thrill, while And Again sounds a near carbon copy of the opening track. Rather, you have to wait until You Better Know before the album delivers anything really worth getting excited about again. The song itself isn’t that different from a lot of indie bands, but the slower tempo makes a nice break and the chorus is among the more memorable.

What We Are belts out some decent riffs and a punk rock energy that’s reminiscent of classic Ash, while Cops With Telephones contains more good guitar work [complete with a retro feel] and a nice boy-girl double act on the vocals. But thereafter, the album just accelerates towards its Father finale and doesn’t really get out of second gear.

It’s fast, furious and competently delivered. But it’s not really doing or offering anything different. And that’s a wasted opportunity.

Download picks: Everybody Else, You Better Know, Cops With Telephones

Track listing:

  1. Everybody Else
  2. And Again
  3. At Night
  4. Fast In The Rain
  5. Call The Rangers
  6. You Better Know
  7. You Name It
  8. What We Are
  9. Little Secrets
  10. Cops With Telephones
  11. Days Of The Week
  12. Father