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Hypo Psycho - Somebody Someday

Hypo Psycho, Somebody Someday

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THIS album has actually been doing the rounds for some time but we thought we’d pay it a visit. Hypo Psycho are a Green Day-esque punk rock band who actually attempt to bring something a little bit different to the mix by throwing in elements of ska.

Tracks like album opener Stalker Girl and the catchy Waking Up Is Hard To Do contain an infectious quality that sits well alongside early Green Day and Blink-182. It trades on the same youthful exuberance but is made instantly more effective than countless Busted style wannabes by some better-than-average guitar playing.

The title track is another prime example, a slower tempo offering that’s built around a simple guitar riff and a strong set of vocals that bely the band’s tender ages. The chorus, as catchy as it is in itself, is augmented considerably by some smart trumpet in the background to elevate it considerably above the punk-rock norm.

Don’t let the American accents put you off, however – Hypo Psycho (great name, by the way) are a London-based quartet and they’re quickly emerging as a band of genuine worth. They came to prominence by playing a free tour of schools but, just for a change, their music is worth listening to and genuinely capable of inspiring future record-buying generations. It’s a smart marketing ploy but one that’s not reliant on the more onerous approach of apearing on tacky Pop-Idol style TV.

What’s more, it enables Hypo Psycho to drop some harder riffs when they want to and properly rock out.

Bored is another good example of the band at their confident best – the vocals sharp and striking, the riffs simple but effective and the chorus lively enough to keep the mosh-pit sweaty with an army of like-minded teens. The spiky solo late-on offers something that mainstream pop bands can only dream of incorporating into their sound, while another blast of trumpet continues to inject an element of freshness into proceedings.

There is the odd mis-step when the band’s youth comes out to silly effect, as in Public Enemy No. 1 and London Undone, but they can just about be forgiven.

So if you’re wondering where the new Green Day are coming from and want something a little harder than Busted or McFly (and please say that you do!), then these boys are certainly worth checking out.

On the evidence of this offering, they may certainly be somebody someday.

Track listing:

  1. Stalker Girl
  2. Stereotypical
  3. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
  4. Somebody Someday
  5. London Undone
  6. Bored
  7. Public Enemy No. 1
  8. Don’t Try This At Home
  9. Blissfully Sedated
  10. Lady Madonna