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Iglu & Hartly - And Then Boom

Iglu & Hartly, And The Boom

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3.5 out of 5

IGLU & Hartly are rapidly developing a huge following off the back of huge synth-pop anthems such as In This City. Debut album And Then Boom is certain to ensure they make a lasting explosion.

Following pretty much the same pattern of Beastie Boys-style rapping with Wayne Coyne-inspired singing, the album is an unashamedly enjoyable listen; the musical equivalent of a feel-good Friday night popcorn flick with suitably inspired flourishes.

In This City remains the stand-out track, with its brilliant chorus and sparkling presentation, but there are other growers. Opening track Believe is a strong start that almost threatens to go into In This City during the lively chorus, while the synths reign supreme on Violent And Young, a sharp, snappy lament about youth culture that even contains hints of Georgio Moroder.

Tomorrow occupies the same kind of territory as MGMT in their pomp, People is another highlight that contains some more social commentary as informed by their LA backgrounds, and We’ll See finds them coming over all romantic and almost pensive (in places).

Out There completes the line-up of highlights, and is another firm crowd-pleaser, confirming that there are more plus points than negative ones.

Just occasionally, though, they deliver a duff track. Final offering Jump Out Of Your Car is a disappointing note to end things on, with a rap that sounds suspiciously as though it’s channelling the style of Eminem, while the ’80s influences run riot (to negative effect) on Build and DayGlo – the latter, in particular, sounding like A-Ha on speed at times, while the raps again disappoint.

But more often than not, there’s another guilty pleasure waiting in the wings to confirm that Iglu & Hartly are very much worthy of the hype being bestowed upon them. They’re a smart new LA act whose progression should be well worth following.

Download picks: In This City, Believe, Violent And Young, People, Out There

Track listing:

  1. Believe
  2. Violent and Young
  3. Tomorrow
  4. Build
  5. DayGlo
  6. In This City
  7. People
  8. Whatever We Like
  9. We’ll See
  10. Out There
  11. Jump Out Of Your Car