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Infadels - We Are Not The Infadels

Infadels, We Are Not The Infadels

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

HOTLY-tipped newcomers, Infadels, follow in the dance-rock footsteps of early INXS and more contemporary fare such as Chikinki and The Rapture with debut album, We Are Not The Infadels.

But while the LP boasts some excellent moments and production values from Jagz Kooner (of Primal Scream and Kasabian fame), it fails to make the impression that we were anticipating.

The best thing that can be said about it is that it is eclectic, tossing in classic rock ‘n’ roll with slabs of electronica, acid house and ska.

When it comes together, it works really well as in the New Order-like Girl That Speaks No Words, thanks to some quality electronic flourishes and a more refined style.

It’s basically a love story and it is delivered with an aching passion that marks a stark contrast to the hedonistic style of the album at its heaviest.

Murder That Sound is another top moment, a haunting ballad that is filled with torment and some INXS-style vocals.

While their commentary on the current media (and public) obsession with Reality TV boasts some pertinent lyrics and a catchy chorus.

But too often the album falls into the trap of sounding too familiar – either post-punk or post-NY or nu-wave.

Lead single Can’t Get Enough is a pounding anthem of twilight living and hedonistic pursuit that becomes lost in its own excess.

While the supposedly hip Topboy is just too frenzied for its own good.

Of the remaining tracks, those with an eye on TV may recognise Give Yourself To Me from a high profile mobile phone advertising campaign – and like it more instantly for it.

But this is very much a debut effort that delivers as many misses as it does hits. It should therefore be approached with caution.

Track listing:
1. Love Like Semtex
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Topboy
4. Girl That Speaks No Words
5. Jagger ‘67
6. 1’ 20”
7. Murder That Sound
8. Reality TV
9. Give Yourself To Me
10. Sunday
11. Stories From The Bar

  1. Thoughtful review - I would give it three stars.
    they could be ones to watch - working the clubs hard; good live act, they are more musical than the record would indicate. A debute album

    richard clyma gooderson    Feb 13    #